Datasheets and Certificates

Various T-ISS products have one or more certificates or approvals from different classification societies. On this page you will find the different certificates for each product, which you can view or download. In addition to the certificates, you can also download datasheets.

T-ISS is an ISO9001:2015 approved company. To see our certificate, please click this link.


SOLAS Safety Products

Product NameWheelmarkBVDNVAdditional CertificatesDatasheets
Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)WHEELMARK certificate logo
Life Raft Rescue Boat Hook PX01WHEELMARK certificate logo
Life Raft Hook PX02WHEELMARK certificate logo
Rescue Boat Hook PX03WHEELMARK certificate logo
ATEX Transceiver
Atex transceiver with Headset PTT Application T-ISS Safety SuppliersATEX Transceiver with Headset
Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)
Emergency Escape Breathing Device Cabinet (EEBDC)
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Fire Plan Container
Inflatable Life Jacket
Life Jacket Compact
Life Jacket LightWHEELMARK certificate logo
Life Buoy LightWHEELMARK certificate logo
LaddersWHEELMARK certificate logo
Magnet Hull Locker
Pneumatic Locker
Emergency Leak and Seal Kit
BLT 250 Line ThrowerWHEELMARK certificate logo
International Shore Connection

SOLAS Safe Signs

Product NameDatasheets
IMO Safe Signs

Low Location Lighting

Product NameWheelmarkBVDNVAdditional CertificatesDatasheets
Low Location Lighting stripsWHEELMARK certificate logo
Low Location Lighting profilesWHEELMARK certificate logo


Product NameBVDNVAdditional CertificatesDatasheets
SOLAS Retro Reflective tapeWHEELMARK certificate logo
Spray Stop tape
Pipe Repair tape
Foam tape
Spray Control tape
Hatch cover tape
Drip Stop tape
Rust Stop tape
Cor Stop Zinc tape
Floor tape
Reflective tape
Heat Stop tape
Barrier tape
Photoluminescent tape LLL


Pipe Marking

Product NameDatasheets
PolyesPro Pipe Marking
Pipe Marking PV
Pipe Marking PVL

SlipStop products

Product NameDatasheet / Brochure
Slip Stop tape
SlipStop Diamond Strips
Slip Stop Diamond Stairnoses

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