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SOLAS Safety Products

SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) safety products are vital standardized equipment that follows the rules of the SOLAS Convention. This convention is an international agreement set up by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to ensure safety standards for (cargo)ships sailing in international waters.

Our products enhance safety on board and prepare ships and vessels for possible emergencies. We specifically design our products to save lives at sea in case of an emergency. We provide vital tools for evacuations, rescues, and survival during distress situations like shipwrecks, collisions, fires, or man-overboard incidents.

For these emergencies at sea, we offer a wide range of safety products for the maritime sector. All these products are thoroughly tested. They ensure compliance with necessary safety regulations. Because of this, our products are reliable and of excellent quality. They also come with competitive pricing. Find certificates and datasheets here.

Choose from lifebuoy lights, lifejacket lights, release hooks, hydrostatic release units, emergency escape breathing devices, ladder lockers, or pilot and embarkation ladders; we got you covered. Explore our complete range of individual SOLAS safety products in our online IMO catalog. In this catalog, you will also find our range of electrical escape signs, maritime safety tapes, low location lighting, pipe marking, safety signs and posters, and our Fire Isolator concept. Prefer a physical copy? Please contact us, and we send you one!

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