Installation, Measurements and Certification

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Installation, Measurements and Certification

Besides our turn-key solutions, T-ISS offers service for the installation of signs, Low Location Light systems and pipe marking by our highly skilled and experienced engineers.

All Low Location Light systems need to be fully tested, at least once every five years. T-ISS engineers will test the luminance of your LLL systems on-board with fully certified test equipment. The measurement process as well as equipment are all certified by DNV. All readings will be reported including and required upgrades and/or modifications. Upon completion of the measurement survey, and when all systems meet the legally required ratings, certification will be issued for the next five years.

Examples of our installation, measurement and certification services:
●   Photo luminescent Low Location Light Measurements (DNV certified)
●   Electric Low Location Light measurement and testing (DNV certified)
●   IMO Safety Sign survey and installation
●   Pipeline markings survey and installation
●   Spray Stop survey and installation

T-ISS is accredited by DNV to execute Low Location Light measurement services, our certification can be found under DOWNLOADS.