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Installation, Measurements and Certification

Besides our turn-key solutions, T-ISS offers service for the installation of signs, Low Location Light systems and pipe marking by our highly skilled and experienced engineers.

As a vessel owner, you need to test all Low Location Light systems at least once every five years. T-ISS engineers will test the luminance of your LLL systems on-board with fully certified test equipment. The measurement process as well as equipment are all certified by DNV. We will report all readings including the required upgrades and/or modifications. We will do this upon completion of the measurement survey, and when all systems meet the legally required ratings.

Examples of our installation, measurement and certification services:
●   Photo luminescent Low Location Light Measurements (DNVGL certified)
●   Electric Low Location Light measurement and testing (DNVGL certified)
●   IMO Safety Sign survey and installation
●   Pipeline markings survey and installation
●   Spray Stop survey and installation

T-ISS is accredited by DNV to execute Low Location Light measurement services, our certification can be found under Downloads.