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Product Overview

Maritime Safety products

Solas Safety Products

Maritime safety products
Release hooks
Hydrostatic release units

SafeSign LED Escape sign

Electrical Escape Signs

Explosion proof LED large escape sign
Maritime safesign LED escape sign
Safesign LED escape sign

SolasFlex Retro Reflective tape

Maritime Safety Tapes

Anti splash / leak tapes
Reflective safety tapes
Visibility tapes

SafeSign Safety signage

Safety Signs and Posters

Petx / aluminium signage
Signage specials
IMO safety poster

Low Location Lighting by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Low Location Lightning System

Lightline PETX strips
LLL Profiles and inserts
Electrical LLL

Fire Isolator

Fire Isolator concept

EV fire blanket
Aerosol units
Water Mist Lance

Pipe Marking by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Pipe Marking

PolyesPro® pipe marking
Basic-line pipe marking
Economy-line pipe marking