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Drip Stop Tape

Drip Stop Tape


T-ISS Drip Stop Tape is easy to use, not using any adhesive components and it will not stick to the hand. The tape is made to stick on components. When applying it needs an overlap of half the width on the tape.


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T-ISS Drip Stop Tape is a tape specifically designed to prevent leaks. The tape is very easy to use on all kinds of surfaces. We recommend using the Drip Stop Tape on pipes that have small leaks, but the tape can also be used as a prevention measure. Drip Stop Tape can be used even on wet surfaces and underwater. When you do use our tape underwater, make sure that the tape must be winded very tightly.

This ‘none leake tape’ doesn’t use any adhesive components and will not stick to the hand. It is made to stick on components. When you apply the tape, please note that you need to have an overlap. This overlap should be half the width of the tape itself.  The full cure time is approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

Good to know:
– T-ISS Drip Stop tape can hold a pressure of a maximum of up to 3 kg/cm²!
– The tape can also be used to prevent corrosion or as electric insulation.



Tensile strength: 32,8 kg / cm²
Elongation at break: 435%
Volume resistivity: 6,1 x 10,150
Dielectric strength: 21 kV / mm
Dielectric constant: 0,03
Dissipation factor: 2,01
Thickness: 0,1 mm

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