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Foam Mounting Tape

Foam Mounting Tape


Foam Mounting Tapes are closed-cell, polyethylene foam, coated with a high tack / high shear acrylic adhesive. It has superior chemical and fuel resistance, and good outdoor weather resistance.


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Foam mounting tape is a type of adhesive tape that consists of a foam-like material with adhesive on both sides. The foam-like material is made of closed-cell, polyethylene foam. This means that the individual cells or bubbles within the foam are sealed off from each other, preventing the passage of air or other gases. The material is durable and lightweight. On top of this, the Foam Mounting tape has a high tack/shear acrylic adhesive. This type of adhesive is formulated to provide both high initial tack and high shear strength, making it suitable for applications where a strong and long-lasting bond is required.

Foam mounting tape is commonly used for mounting objects, such as safety signs, onto various surfaces. The tape has superior chemical and fuel resistance and good outdoor weather resistance.

High-tack permanent adhesive with excellent aging and weather-resistant properties specifically designed for mounting and joining nameplates, plastic trim, signs, and emblems. Used on board all types of vessels to install signage or to fix products to a surface.



Peel adhesion: PSTC-3.1.8 kg / 25 mm
Shear strength: PSTC-7 over 72 hours
Heat resistance: Over 24 hours
Service temperature: -30 ºC ~ 120 ºC
Strength: 1.8 kg/25 mm
Thickness: 1 mm


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20 mm x 10 m, 40 mm x 10 m, 50 mm x 10 m, 150 mm x 50 m