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About us – T-ISS established in 2003 is an ISO9001:2015 approved company. The people behind the company have decades of experience in the Marine Industry. We perfectly understand the importance of reliable, accessible and price quality ratio products, services and turn-key solutions. Therefore, we primarily deal with the Marine Industry and can provide the fastest and most comprehensive offers on Solas Safety ProductsIMO SafeSign products and PostersLow Location LightingSolas Tapes and Pipe Marking Tapes.

We are extremely proud to be one of the leading players in the Marine Industry and we are dedicated to achieve much higher goals. Our long tradition of thinking in terms of solutions and our strategic and innovative approach of working, helps us in our ambition to be the market leader.

We have a continuous focus on innovation and product development. Quality and the best available technology are our primary goals to meet your needs and demands, both commercially and operationally.

Quality and Policies

T-ISS prides itself on the quality of the products we’re producing and offer in the Marine and Offshore industry. Customers and users depend heavily on our quality. This makes our primairy goal to manufacture and offer products that are commiting to the highest standards and international regulations. Check out our Quality Policy here. We design our products to work and last long in the most toughest maritime conditions.

We design our products to fit for purpose and have value for money, no matter which product you choose.

T-ISS applies the same principle to its customer services. Therefore, we only accept and offer top quality. With over 75,000 signs, 10,000 meters of Low Location Light, hundreds of safety products and thousands SOLAS tapes in stock, we are always able to help you 24/7. Available from stock and dispatched the same day.

T-ISS aims to achieve the right results, in the right way. This is a key element of our way of doing business. We have created a company of which our customers and employees are proud of, based upon simple but important values:

●   Customer oriented – customers are always our top priority
●   Employees – are our most important competitive advantage, they make the difference
●   Innovation – this is how we distinguish ourselves
●   Responsibility / Accountability – is our commitment, to you, our employees, our enviroment and the global community

Environment, Health & Safety

The impact of incidents can be devastating on human and marine life as well as on expensive property. Also, the effect of an incident on community and economic prosperity can be extensive, for many years after the actual incident. In some cases, also the environment is at risk. By providing the maximum level of safety using our safety products and signage, we provide a proactive and positive influence on the environment. To check out our Environmental policy, please click here.

Our products meet all the international quality standards. As a result, they are recognised by most benchmark systems and regulatory authorities. All of our signage is PVC & halogen-free. During manufacturing processes, halogens have often been added to signage to make them withstand high temperatures and to be flame-retardant, but they are salt-forming compounds which are highly reactive and have low melting points. To be classified as “halogen-free, a substance must consist of less than 900 parts per million (ppm) of chlorine or bromine and also have less than 1500 ppm of total halogens, according to the International Electrochemical Commission, Restriction Use of Halogen (IEC 61249-2-21).

T-ISS as a company is dedicated to environmental safety and health, at all levels of its operations, from manufacturing to installation. Because of this, we have our own Environmental, Health and Safety policies. These are part of the T-ISS company policy, and reflect our principles of running a sustainable business.

●   Creating a safe working environment for all employees and stakeholders
●   Minimizing the carbon footprint
●   Integrating EHS elements into T-ISS Research & Development strategies for all company products and systems
●   Continuous measurement, monitoring and improvement of EHS performance

Our people are making the difference, it’s in our nature

T-ISS, whatever we do, it’s our people who are making the difference. Because of that, the organisation is built around people who are willing to go the extra mile, always in best interest of our customers and partners.

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