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IMO Safety Signs

IMO Safety Signs are photoluminescent signs used in the maritime industry to communicate vital safety information on ships. The safety signs we offer under the brand name SafeSign, are in line with the signs and symbols as developed by the IMO. These symbols and signs consist of safety-related messages that are easy to understand worldwide. This way the signs will be self-explanatory, regardless of nationality or language.

Our photoluminescent safety signs absorb light and store light energy. In case of a blackout, the signs will release this light for visibility. This property allows our signs to provide visibility during emergencies.
SafeSign innovated Sign production by replacing widely used PVC. Instead of PVC, we use modified PET that is fully recyclable. This makes our signs 100% environmentally friendly. SafeSign safety signs also comply with the necessary ISO standards, such as ISO 116(30) and ISO 24409-2.

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