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Pilot Ladder

Pilot Ladder

A pilot ladder is a specialized ladder for safely transferring maritime pilots between pilot boats and ships they guide. The pilot ladder is used in normal situations. The ladder is made of hardwood steps, and its lower 4 steps are made of rubber for extra safety.

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A pilot ladder is a specialized ladder used in maritime operations to safely transfer maritime pilots between their pilot boats and the ships they guide. The ladders are around 9 to 10 meters long and are made of hardwood steps. The 4 lowers steps of the ladder are made out of rubber. These rubber steps enhance safety during boarding and disembarking operations.

All of our products follow international regulations, such as IMO’s SOLAS convention, to ensure safety and consistency.

Note: A pilot ladder is designed for maritime pilots to transfer between pilot boats and ships during navigation, while an embarkation ladder serves for personnel to board or disembark from a ship during routine operations.


Article number: PILOT 
Step: Hardwood (beech wood)
The 4 lower steps of the ladder are made of rubber
Spreader: Hardwood (beech wood)
Side Ropes: 4 Strand Manila rope
Step Thimbles: Hardwood (beech wood)
Rope clamp: Aluminium



• Istituto Giordano
• Wheelmark


• Complies with IMO Res. A1045(27), MSC / Circ. 1428,
• ISO 799 (2004), SOLAS 74 Conv. as, amended Reg. V23, X/3

Please specify the required length of the pilot ladder in your quote.

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