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Safety signage projects & services

Development and installation of an effective and compliant safety signage system has been our core business for many years. Whether it is on a cruise ship, ferry, oil rig, container ship or tanker, the safety of the crew and passengers is our top priority when implementing such a system. Our safety signage projects & services portfolio consists of:

  • Escape route signage (Including Low Location Lighting)
  • Safety plans / safety instruction signs
  • Fire & rescue signage
  • Warning/prohibition/mandatory signs
  • Pipe marking
  • ISPS signs

In order to implement an effective and compliant safety signage system, we approach each project systematically, based on our main pillar under success: good projectmanagement.

Project management en site implementation by T-ISS Safety Suppliers
Project management en site implementation by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Project management

Our organization and teams have the knowledge and experience to successfully manage complex, time-sensitive safety signage and Low Location Lighting projects in line with your embarkation- and safety plan and safety procedures. Our time-tested techniques serve as an industry model, and our people represent the best in the safety signage business.

Once the scope, tasks and milestones are determined, a dedicated Project Manager is appointed to lead the project and act as the primary contact throughout the life of the project. Project team members are assembled from engineering, drawing, production and installation departments.

The steps we take to ensure the most optimal project result, are based on years of experience and can be considered a best practice to deliver an effective and efficient safety signage system:

  • Site survey
  • Budgeting
  • Engineering & Design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Low Location Lighting installation, measurements and class-approval guidance*
    • Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting
    • Electrical Low Location Lighting
  • Maintenance

*In case of newbuild ships, we can provide the delivery documentation and certification documents for approval by the classification body.

Site survey

Most of the times, we progress based on the ship’s General Arrangement drawings, fire control & safety plans or embarkation plans* and no site survey is needed to create a preliminary sign plan.

If a site survey is needed, we evaluate the current status of your existing signage. Evaluation of all or individual on-board signage areas: safety, technical, crew and pax. This survey will be accompanied by a detailed technical illustrative report: a sign plan. With this survey, we can assess and evaluate the current state of the safety signage system related to relevant IMO resolutions and ISO standards, listing all the findings in the sign plan. In our report, we not only look at the technical state of the signage, but we also report on the state of the signage in terms of compliance with regulations and standards that are applicable in your situation.

*In case your ship or offshore location does not have any fire control & safety plan or embarkation plan, we can develop it for you.


Based on the customer’s requirements, and after a close study of the general arrangement drawings, fire control & safety plans or embarkation plans (and results from the site survey when applicable) it is possible to determine what the scope of the project is. We can now make an estimation of the impact and costs involved to implement an effective safety signage system or escape route signage system. Such a system ideally consists of 5 elements that together form the system:

  • Low Location Lighting, including signs
    • Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting
    • Electrical Low Location Lighting
  • High located Escape signage indicating how to reach the assembly stations and embarkation stations
  • Electrical escape signs
  • Safety Instructions for passengers and crew (in the cabins and public areas)
  • Other safety signs installed at eye level for fire fighting, rescue, fire control, damage control, etc. cardeck safety signage for passengers and other safety signage for safe work of crew

Our way of engineering will always try to avoid an ‘overload’ of signs, as such an overload of signs does not improve the feeling of safety onboard a ship.

Engineering & Design

Our engineering services include various activities in order to produce a signplan. Based on the available general arrangement drawings and/or results from a site survey we create a signplan, which is developed in accordance with current regulations and standards.

In the end, the sign plan provides a clear overview of any present and required safety signage onboard your ship according to regulations and standards. This allows you to be in control of the safety signage on your ship or offshore location. A sign plan opens the opportunity to partake in the design process before the safety signage becomes permanent. This workflow guarantees a uniform appearance and an efficient and practical implementation of all safety signage.

Years of experience in compiling safety sign systems allows us to survey and map even the most complex locations and installations with competency and efficiency.

Our design services will make sure to follow any branding guidelines when designing the non-standard signage elements (signage that has your logo on it) on your ship or offshore location.

Project management en site implementation by T-ISS Safety Suppliers
Production SafeSigns T-ISS Safety Suppliers


In our own certified SafeSign production facilities, with modern equipment and the manpower we execute production for your largest projects. All standard signs we have on stock for flexible and fast service.

Staffed by highly skilled talent,  we have two state-of-the-art manufacturing locations in the Netherlands. We are experts at maximizing efficiency, and have the flexibility to adapt our production processes to match the demands and specifications of your program.

As part of our rigorous quality control measures, all products are inspected at our facilities. Since the majority of our products are constructed in-house, we can assure product quality, no matter the design, or how many signs you require.

Because of our focus on long life quality signage products, you can be assured of a lower Total Cost of Ownership of our signage vs. low cost, low quality signage that is available on the market today. When we deliver a safety signage project to you, you can be sure to be maintenance-free for the foreseeable future.

T-ISS is an ISO 9001 Certified company, as certified by DNV GL. DNV GL previously certified many of our products, and now DNV GL also certified our processes, in accordance with the ISO 9001 international standard.

Next to our ISO 9001 certificate that we own for our organization, our safety signage products are certified as well:

  • IMO safety signs – DNV-GL
  • Low Location Lighting (photoluminescent and electrical) – DNV-GL
  • Pipe marking – PolyesPro®, a pipe marking vinyl that was jointly developed with 3M
  • SOLAS Retro Reflective tape – DNV-GL


In order to implement the sign plan on your ship(s), an experienced installation team is dispatched to a location to complete all required work. Our installation teams have the capability to service you anywhere in the world. Teams arrive at your ship or offshore location equipped with the information gathered from the survey and sign plan, assuring that they have all the required equipment and tools needed to complete the job to your satisfaction. Along with the site-specific information, installation teams are advised of the customers installation expectation that include quality wall repair, cleanliness of installed products, and maintenance of safe and clean work area.

In case of the use of local installation teams, we can provide installation supervision.

Class approvals

When T-ISS did the complete project we guarantee the approvals for relevant authorities. With our expertise based on years of experience and participation in ISO committees for safety signage we guide our customers through the entire classification process. T-ISS is fully certified to take the LLL measurements, so together with the certified products we fulfill all necessary tasks for certification of the whole safety sign system in compliance with embarkation plan, fire control plan and all relevant regulations and standards.


After implementation/installation,  the sign plan serves as a reference and as a basis for future maintenance of all signage. We understand the importance of regular maintenance and repairs, and offer various maintenance contracts to keep your signage looking at its best. If you have invested in high-quality signage, it makes sound business sense to ensure that it is kept in good condition, to maintain its visual impact and safety.

Maintenance of photoluminescent Low Location Lighting is to be performed every 5 years, by testing all systems. Our engineers are able to test your LLL systems onboard with fully certified test equipment and procedures, as certified by DNV GL. You can read more about these Low Location Lighting measurements and tests here.