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LightLine Photoluminescent Tape

LightLine Photoluminescent Tape


T-ISS manufactures various glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent tapes. These tapes are being made using PVC, PU and PET materials. These are applied in various ways so that the tapes can be used both in- and outdoor, and are weather-resistant. PU material is used for applications with rounded surfaces and locations where heavy duty materials are required.



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T-ISS manufactures various photoluminescent tapes to indicate escape routes on cruise ships, oil tankers, ferries, roll-on/roll-off ships, and many other vessel types. These tapes are made using PVC, PU, or PET materials.

The PU material tape is especially used for applications with rounded surfaces and locations where heavy-duty materials are required.

All the photoluminescent tapes comply with the IMO & SOLAS regulations. They have a strong adhesive layer which ensures extremely good adhesion on many different substrates. The tapes are specially designed for mounting on board of ships and have excellent aging and weather-resistant properties. Because of these properties, the tapes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications/usage. The photoluminescent tapes are not only applicable in the maritime and offshore sectors but also in the installation business, such as office buildings and hallways.



Elongation 24%
Weight: 300 g – 40 mm, 375 g – 50 mm, 600 g – 80 mm
Thickness: 0,175 mm
Tensile strength: Approx. 5 kg



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• The product complies with IMO A752(18) and ISO 15370 which include ships and marine technology / low location lighting on passenger ships arrangements.

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40 mm x 10 m, 50 mm x 10 m, 80 mm x 10 m


PET Neutral, PVC Neutral, PVC Arrow, PVC Escape direction