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Helicopter Crash Equipment Kit

Helicopter Crash Equipment Kit


The Helicopter Crash Equipment Kit is a special kit designed to provide essential tools and safety equipment necessary for emergency response and rescue operations following a helicopter crash or emergency landing. Our kit meets all necessary safety standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring readiness for critical situations. Helicopter crash kits are crucial for ensuring the safety and preparedness of those on board in the event of an emergency. The presence of a crash kit aims to improve the chances of survival and aid until help arrives, in the unfortunate case of a crash of emergency landing.

The Helicopter Crash Kit complies with specific aviation regulations, industry standards, and guidelines such as those outlined by CAP 437 (Civil Aviation Publication) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for offshore helicopter landing areas. The primary aim of CAP 437 is to enhance the safety of helicopter operations to and from offshore installations.


A helicopter crash kit is a critical asset, ensuring preparedness and safety in the face of unforeseen emergencies. The Helicopter crash kit comes in a sturdy Storage Cabinet and contains all necessary equipment, listed below.



• Storage Cabinet
• Lifeline approved Safety Harness
• Firemans Gloves
• Fire Blanket
• Fireman’s belt
• Fire Axe
• Mask + MMF filters
• Harness knife
• Side cutting plier
• Bolt cutter
• Crow bar
• Hacksaw
• Grab Hook
• Ladder
• Signs & Poster set
• Wrench
• Screwdriver set



Article number: HCESTKIT
Dimensions: 160 x 55 x 55 mm
Weight: 75 kg
HS code: 84248970

Made in the Netherlands


If you would like to download the certificates and datasheets related to the Helicopter Crash Equipment Kit, please click here to visit our Downloads page.