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Maritime Safety Products

Posted by Nicky Smol on December 11, 2023 in Other news

maritime safety products

What are maritime safety products?

Maritime Safety Products are products used in the maritime industry to increase safety on vessels, cruise ships, cargo ships or even offshore platforms. Maritime Safety products, also called SOLAS Safety products, are a vital part of safety for sailing in international waters. At T-ISS, we provide these safety products for evacuations, rescues, and survival during emergency situations.


Why must Maritime Safety Products comply with SOLAS regulations?

Regulations and standards set by organizations like SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) play a vital role in the design, implementation, and use of maritime safety products. These regulations are comprehensive and detailed, aiming to ensure the highest levels of safety for all vessels sailing in international waters.

At T-ISS, we make sure that all our products comply with these regulations. We only offer products that meet the stringent criteria for effectiveness in emergency situations, have user-friendliness in mind and are tested and certified to comply with SOLAS regulations. This consistency ensures that ships from all over the world have the same safety standards, making sure there is a universal approach to safety measures at sea.

What maritime safety products do you need on a ship?

In the unfortunate case of an emergency, there are several Maritime Safety Products you need on board in order to get your crew and passengers to safety. These emergencies, like shipwrecks, collisions, fires, or man-overboard incidents, can be stressful and frightening, but with the right equipment you will be able to help those in need.

At T-ISS, we offer the following Maritime Safety Products:

Breathing Devices

We offer two different breathing devices, our EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device) and our SCBA (Self Containing Breathing Apparatus). The EEBD is a compact, portable device that can be used by anyone in an emergency situation. They are lightweight and compact and don’t require a separate air supply. The SCBA, however, has a six liter volume cylinder. This one is used by fire-fighters and emergency rescuers.

Liferaft Release Hook PX02

Safety Ladders

There are two different kind of Maritime Safety ladders: the Pilot ladder and the embarkation ladder. You can use the Pilot ladder to get the pilot and crew out of the vessel in normal situations. The embarkation ladder, however, is used to by the crew in emergency situations.

To hold the Safety ladders into place, we also offer Ladder Lockers. Our Magnetic Ladder Locker keeps the ladder in place by providing safely removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side. Our second ladder locker, the Pneumatic Ladder locker, secures the bottom of the accommodation ladder or gangway on the ship’s side by using vacuum pressure supplied by the deck air supply.

Helicopter Crash Equipment Kit
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus SCBA

Release hooks

A release hook is a device designed to securely hold a life raft or rescue boat in place on a ship. A release hook can release a life raft or rescue boat quickly and safely into the water during an emergency situation. These hooks serve a crucial role in maritime safety, ensuring that life-saving equipment can be deployed swiftly and efficiently when needed.

We offer different kinds or release hooks, that can be handled manually or automatically.

Embarkation Ladder
Magnet Ladder Locker

Safety kits

Last but not least, we offer some essential safety kits:

  • The Emergency Leak and Seal repair kit is a complete response kit that enables immediate action when situations demand it. Leakage on flanges, piping, or even a leaking drum, can be sealed quickly and efficiently.
  • The Helicopter Crash Equipment kit is a special kit designed to provide essential tools and safety equipment necessary for emergency response and rescue operations following a helicopter crash or emergency landing.
  • The Asbestos Safety kit is a product to safely remove asbestos debris during the operation of a vessel. The kit allows your crew to remove asbestos materials in a safe way.

Worldwide reliable delivery

Because our dealers are all over the world, there is always a dealer close to your location! This way, we can assure you our dealers can deliver our safety products quickly and reliably worldwide, directly to where you need them.

Looking for a dealer near you? Find one here or contact us for more information.