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Pneumatic Ladder Locker

Pneumatic Ladder Locker


The Pneumatic ladder locker is used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder or gangway to the ship’s side. The locker works with a vacuum pressure, supplied from your deck air supply.


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A pneumatic ladder locker is a safety device designed to secure and stabilize ladders or gangways on the ship’s side by utilizing pneumatic mechanisms. Pneumatic refers to the use of air pressure or compressed air. A pneumatic ladder locker works by utilizing air pressure to create a vacuum or suction effect that securely holds a ladder in place against a surface. This mechanism prevents the ladder from shifting, sliding, or falling while in use, enhancing ladder safety and stability.

Pneumatic ladder lockers are used in various industries to enhance ladder safety and prevent accidents caused by ladder movement or instability.



Lift rate: 300 kg
Pull rate: 850 kg
Required: Compressor 1 HP or more



The Pneumatic ladder locker is supplied in a sturdy storage box and comes with IMO-type storage sign and instruction poster. Also, an air hose connection is included as well as a tightening belt. A compressor with a minimum of 1 HP is powerful enough to supply this system.



• Pneumatic ladder locker
• Tightening belt (IMPA 23.20.94)
• Sturdy wooden storage box
• IMO-type instruction poster / self-adhesive backing
• IMO-type location sign / self-adhesive backing






• Complies with IMO / SOLAS A.1045(27)

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Pneumatic Ladder Locker (Single piece), Sling with snap hook Yellow (2 pcs)