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Quick release hooks – everything you need to know

Posted by Nicky Smol on September 14, 2023 in Other news

quick release hooks

What is a release hook?

A (quick) release hook is a device used to secure and release a liferaft or rescue boat from a ship in case of an emergency. Release hooks are designed with safety as a top priority. They are equipped with mechanisms to ensure that lifeboats and rescue boats are securely held in place while the ship is at sea. However, in an emergency, they must be capable of releasing the boat quickly and reliably to ensure the safety of those on board.


What is a quick release hook?

The primary characteristic of a quick release hook is its ability to disengage rapidly with a single action, often through the use of a mechanical release mechanism or a remote control system.


What are different types of quick release hooks?

At T-ISS, we have 3 different types of release hooks:

  1. The T-ISS Rescue boat hook PX03 is a manual release hook for rescue boats, which can handle a safe working load of 15 kN. The hook is easy to operate/maintain and comes with a 5 year service life. The hook is designed to be opened manually and can be operated by one person. By pushing the release handle in the upward position, the hook will open.
  2. The T-ISS Liferaft release hook PX02 is an automatic release hook for davit launched liferafts, which can handle a safe working load of 25 kN. The hook can be operated as an automatic release hook, releasing when the raft enters the water, or as a manual release hook.
  3.  The T-ISS Liferaft/Rescue boat hook PX01 is a combined automatic release hook that can handle rescue boats and liferafts up to a safe working load of 35 kN. This hook can be used for rescue boats with a davit load of less than 3500 kg and/or a davit launched liferaft up to 40 pax.


Liferaft Release Hook PX02

What is the difference between releasing a life raft or a rescue boat?

While life rafts are inflatable devices used for survival when evacuating a ship or vessel, rescue boats are motorized vessels. This means a rescue boat is heavier. That is why we offer 3 different kinds of release hooks. Not sure which one you need? See the question above.


What is the on-load in a lifeboat?

At T-ISS, we have different release hooks for different working loads. We offer you hooks with working loads of 15 kN, 25 kN and 35 kN.


How do you release a hook on a rescue boat

The T-ISS Liferaft/Rescue boat hook PX01 is a combined automatic release hook. This means that you can release the hook manually or automatically. The rescue boat is automatically released when in enters the water. PX01 will increase safety, as the crew only needs to familiarize themselves with one hook, instead of two. The same goes for the T-ISS Rescue boat hook PX03. All you need to do is pull it, and it ‘shoots’ open.

What is an offload hook?

An offload release hook is a safety mechanism used to release an empty rescue boat from its launching or stowage system. Its purpose is to ensure the safe and controlled release of the rescue boat during routine maintenance or when it is not in use for emergency evacuation purposes.


What is an automatic release hook?

Automatic release hooks are hooks that will release the life raft or rescue boat automatically when it comes in contact with water. This way, your crew doesn’t have to release the life raft or rescue boat manually. This saves time and reduces the possibility of human error.

What are the best available hooks in Europe?

We are proud to announce that Wuxi Mingzi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd declares T-ISS as an official distributor of its Release Hooks. This means that the lifeboat, rescue boat and liferaft automatic Release Hooks (15, 25 and 35kN), are exclusively sold in Europe by T-ISS or any of T-ISS’ official dealers.


More questions?

If you have any additional questions after reading this post, please feel free to contact for more information.

Liferaft Release Hook PX02