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PVC Signage
Low Location Lighting System FAQ

Low Location Lighting System FAQ

Low Location Lighting System FAQ – All your questions about Low Location Lighting on ships and ferries answered!

SOLAS reflective tape 25mm

SOLAS reflective tape 25mm

When it comes to safety at sea, every detail matters. And part of that safety is good visibility. That’s where T-ISS SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape 25mm comes in, a tape specifically designed for those smaller but equally critical applications where safety cannot be compromised.

Hydrostatic release unit

Hydrostatic Release Unit – T-ISS Seamate Ve-1 HRU

A Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) is a crucial piece of maritime safety equipment designed to automatically release life-saving devices.

Testing FireIsolator concept in real life

Testing the FireIsolator concept in real life!

FIRE ISOLATOR is a concept for isolating and fighting EV car fires based on best practices and live testing. In general, there is not one single solution to extinguish or control EV car fires, as all people who have dealt with these types of car fires will be able to confirm. Effectively isolating and fighting
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