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SafeSign LED Escape Sign by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Maritime SafeSign Led Escape Sign

Maritime SafeSign LED Escape sign Our ‘Dutch Design’ premium quality range of LED Escape signs are designed to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes, executed in a timeless design that fits in with contemporary naval architecture. Our range of LED Escape signs allow for easy installation and provide a reliable and stylish solution for
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T-ISS presents the Asbestos Safety Kit

T-ISS has added the Asbestos Safety Kit, IMPA No. 33.0967, to its product range. Vessel crews use this product to remove any harmful asbestos materials in a safe way, while the ship operates at sea. The kit is not meant to be used for large scale asbestos removal, for example during the docking of the
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International Shore Connection

T-ISS presents the International Shore Connection

T-ISS has added the International Shore Connection to its product range. An international shore connection is a universal hose connection required by IMO SOLAS to be available on all ships. The international shore connection SOLAS requirement under Chapter II-2, regulation 19 says that ships above 500 tons gross tonnage and upwards must have at least
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