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quick release hooks

Quick release hooks – everything you need to know

A (quick) release hook is a device used to secure and release a liferaft or rescue boat from a ship in case of an emergency. Release hooks are designed with safety as a top priority. They are equipped with mechanisms to ensure that lifeboats and rescue boats are securely held in place while the ship is at sea.

The benefits of a self-igniting lifebuoy light

The T-ISS Lifebuoy Light is a self-igniting lifebuoy light that lights up when it comes in contact with water. This feature of lifebuoy lights offers great advantages over manual lights by:   • providing immediate activation • enhancing reliability • minimizing user error • optimizing crew focus on safety • conserving battery power • facilitating
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The water mist lance

The Water Mist Lance: Revolutionizing Fire Control for Electric Vehicle Safety

Electric vehicle (EV) technology has brought remarkable advancements in the automotive industry. However, with these advancements comes the need for specialized fire control solutions. That’s where the Water Mist Lance comes in. In this blog post, we will dive into the powerful features and benefits of The Water Mist Lance, exploring its role in controlling
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Strap-On Pipe Marking

What is Strap-On pipe marking? Strap-On Pipe Marking is an innovative solution for marking and identifying pipes in various industries. It is a removable and reusable pipe marking system designed to enhance safety and compliance in demanding environments. Unlike traditional adhesive-based pipe markers, Strap-On Pipe Marking utilizes high-quality strips made from non-adhesive PolyesPro® material. These
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Water Leakage tape

Water Leakage tape: a vital solution for repairing pipes

Water leakage on ships or vessels is a significant risk to the safety of your crew and their surroundings. Not to mention the damage it can do to your cargo and maintenance costs. In the maritime industry, having a reliable solution for addressing water leakage is crucial. This is where Water Leakage Tape, also known
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