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Fire on board – how to be prepared

Posted by Nicky Smol on December 10, 2021 in Other news

Fire on ship - how to be prepared T-ISS

Fire on board of a ship

When there is a fire on board of a vessel, it is important to follow protocol and respond to the fire as soon as possible. Fire on board of a vessel is one of the most dangerous emergencies on the water. That is why you should always be prepared.

Fire on ships mostly start in the engine room. They can be caused by, for example, oil leakages, incidents with the boiler, or electrical failures.

Once a fire is detected, there are several actions to take to ensure safety of the ship and its crew members:

  • •  The general alarm should be sounded
  • •  The bridge team has to be informed
  • •  The fire party must come together
  • •  Try to isolate the fire by closing ventilation system, skylights, doors, etc.
  • •  Before entering the fire space, crew should wear the appropriate PPE and use the proper fire extinguishing system, regarding the type of fire.
  • •  Interested parties have to be notified

Click here for the entire Emergency Checklist Fire created by SQE Marine.


Fire on board – how to be prepared?

A fire on a ship is a hazard for firefighters because of the way vessels are constructed. Access to the ship is often difficult. The possibility of fire spreading makes it hard to contain it. Therefore, in order to contain a fire as soon as possible, it is vital that firefighters have access to the necessary equipment. In addition to that, clear wayfinding on the ship is very important as well.


Low Location Lighting

A fire on board of a ship can fill the corridors and rooms with smoke. This makes wayfinding difficult and causes disorientation. A Low Location Lighting (LLL) system is designed to direct people to safety. The LLL is made of photoluminescent products to highlight the rooms and corridors. This can be life-saving during a fire on a vessel. The illuminated LLL also works during a power failure.

Low Location Lights ship T-ISS


Electrical Low Location Lighting

Electrical Low Location Lighting systems are often chosen for a more luxurious look. Electrical LLL systems can be installed both floor-mounted or wall-mounted. They are considered ‘active’ systems, compared to ‘passive’ LLL systems made of photoluminescent material.


Low Location Lighting products and installation

Here you can find a comprehensive overview of the LLL products we offer. Next to our Low Location Lighting products, we offer several engineering services; from LLL installation to required periodic LLL measurements. For more information about Low Location Lighting implementation and certification services, please visit our Low Location Lighting services page on our website.


Escape Signs help when there’s a fire on board

Safety Signs are crucial in every work environment. They can make visitors and crew members aware of possible dangers. In case of a fire on board, escape signs and escape routes can save lives. The Escape signs provide a clear, safe way to evacuate the corridors and rooms, guiding crew members to an assembly point.

At T-ISS we offer environmentally friendly, back-printed photoluminescent PETX signage products.  The Escape Signs from SafeSign are PVC-free and recyclable, and therefore better for the environment. The photoluminescent signs make sure that the signs are visible even during a power failure.


IMO Fire Fighting Signs

Under the name of SafeSign we also offer Fire Fighting Signs. These signs, specifically designed for fire emergencies, are placed near fire fighting equipment on board. This makes it easier for crew members to find the needed equipment in case of a fire. These red firefighting signs have the same photoluminescent abilities, making them more visible.

The Fire Fighting Signs are corresponding to IMO Res. A760 (18) as amended ISO 17631:2002.

fire Fighting Signs Safe Signs


Fire plan container

A fire plan container is designed to contain a fire plan for emergency situations. It stores a copy of a fire plan or escapes plan. Fire & Safety plans must be always exhibited for the guidance of the ship’s crews showing clearly for each deck as required by the SOLAS 1974 Reg. The Fire plan container by T-ISS is a watertight container designed for both offshore and marine.

The red-coated fire plan container is made of stainless steel. The fire plan container is clearly visible because of the photoluminescent ‘fire plan’ label. It is suitable for all standard fire plan sizes.


International shore connection

The goal of the International shore connection is to keep a standby hose attachment to get a connection from shore or from other ships for onboard firefighting, in case there is a total failure of pumps onboard. While using the International shore connection, the sea water is supplied at a pre-decided pressure and is connected to the ship’s fire main.



T-ISS is one of the leading players in the Marine Industry. We are specialized in safety on board vessels. Want to know more about the products or services we offer? Check out the new 2023-2024 catalog here.

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