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Security Seal Tapes

Posted by Nicky Smol on December 14, 2021 in Other news

Ensure increased safety for the transport of your goods with Secu Seal tapes. These security tapes (also called warranty void labels) make sure no one can tamper with your goods without you finding out. The tapes are very effective on carton boxes, but also on other materials.


How does Secu Seal tape work?

You can use our Security seal tapes to seal carton boxes or other applications. The Secu Seal tapes work like any other seal tapes when applying. But there is one big difference: The Secu Seal tapes leave a hidden security message as soon as the warranty tape is removed from the surface of the box.

The tape provides a visible indication of attempt of removal. The unpeeled label is impossible to re-apply and therefore will help you reveal tampering and unauthorized access.











Why use Secu Seal tape?

If someone tried to temper with your goods, you want to know about it. But even more so, you want to make sure it doesn’t happen at all. Using security tapes will make sure others will deter from opening your packages in the first place. Therefor using Secu Seal tapes always provides extra protection to your goods.

Secu Seal tape protects the luxury goods from theft and fraud during shipment and storage. Our Security Seal Tapes reveal the hidden security message when tampering has occurred. Even if someone tries to replace it, the void tape will show that an individual attempted to break into it.


Where can I use the security tapes?

Our Security Seal Tape can be applied to a large range of surfaces including paper, card, metal, glass and many more. Void tapes are mainly used for forensic intelligence investigation, military, banking security, aviation security, medical packaging seals, electronic goods protection and other.


What are the Secu Seal tapes made of?

T-ISS offers various layouts of reliable Security Seal Tapes (warranty void labels). These security tapes are made of tamper evident destructible PET. PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a type of synthetic fibre made of polyester. We used PET for our Secu Seal tapes because it’s a recyclable and lightweight plastic. PET is also a very strong material.


Security Seal requirements: ISO 17712

ISO 17712 uniforms procedures for the classification, acceptance and revocation of mechanical cargo container seals. It defines the types of seals that can be used for this purpose, but also establishes the basic general requirements and tests that seals must pass in order to be certified under this standard.

ISO 17712 requires the following for security seals:

  • • They must be unique, difficult to imitate and marked with the corresponding information.
  • • The design has to be easy to inspect, to determine whether it is being used properly or its application is defective.
  • • They are single use devices: by removing them, the seals must be destroyed and become unusable. They have to show clear proof in case of inviolability.
  • • They must meet the thresholds of strength specified by the standard and pass all the tests to which they are submitted at the accredited bodies.


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