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The different kinds of pipe marking and their purpose

Posted by Nicky Smol on March 7, 2023 in Other news

At T-ISS we produce, design, and install the best Pipe Marking products available in the market. Our pipe markings are specially designed for harsh conditions in maritime, offshore, petrochemical & refinery industries to ensure safety at all times.


What is the purpose of pipe marking?

The purpose of pipe marking is to make clear which pipes carry hazardous materials. This helps workers quickly and easily identify pipes and their contents, promotes safety and compliance with regulations, and helps prevent accidents in the workplace.

To make sure these markings (or visual labels) are understandable for all workers, the markings include colours, text, and symbols to identify the function, flow and direction of the pipes.

purpose of pipe marking


What are the different types of pipe marking?

At T-ISS, we have different types of pipe marking for different piping systems and different needs. There’s a marking for every budget and project.


Basic-line pipe marking

The basic line pipe marking is made for the specific offshore platform requirements, based on ISO 14726. This pipe marking tape is a standard performance vinyl sandwich manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ production specifications. The Basic-line pipe marking material has a maximum of 5 years outdoor guarantee and is resistance up to +80 C°.


Economy-line pipe marking

The economy-line pipe marking was also made based on ISO 14726, but for indoor applications where attention is needed due to chemical hazard. This pipe marking tape is an economic, unlaminated vinyl.


Single-color pipe marking

Single-color pipe marking tapes are different tapes that need to be combined with the correct color coding. This is a cost-effective pipe marking product for indoor and outdoor use in areas with limited exposure to direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions.


PolyesPro® pipe marking

If you are looking for the highest available quality pipe marking, PolyesPro® pipe marking is the answer. It has a better temperature resistance and therefore a longer service life and improved colorfastness. PolyesPro® pipe marking can be used in demanding environments on different types of smooth and rough surfaces.


PreCoiled pipe marking

PreCoiled pipe marking is a removable and reusable PolyesPro pipe marking. It allows for quick and easy installation without the adhesive strip, but with the same high quality as the regular PolyesPro® pipe marking.


Need some help in determining which pipe marking is best for your budget or product? Feel free to contact us any time, we are happy to help you decide.

reusalbe pipe marking

Is pipe marking reusable?

If you are looking for reusable pipe marking, we recommend the PreCoiled pipe marking by PoleysPro®. A lot of our pipe marking tapes have an adhesive strip, which means they cannot be reused. Our PreCoiled PolyesPro® pipe marking, however, allows for very quick and easy installation by ‘folding’ the pipe marking strips around any pipe. Because the tapes don’t have an adhesive strip, they can also be easily removed and reused.

More about PreCoiled PolyesPro® pipe marking can be found on our product page.