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PreCoiled Pipe Marking

PreCoiled Pipe Marking

T-ISS is the supplier of the specially developed PreCoiled pipe marking of PolyesPro®. This Removable PolyesPro® Pipe Marking film is a high performance non-PVC polyester sandwich, manufactured according to 3M™ production specifications. Our PreCoiled pipe markings allow for very quick and easy installation, by ‘folding’ the strips around any kind of pipe, saving you a lot of time and money.





PreCoiled PolyesPro® pipe marking features a high-quality pre-formed strip for fast and effective wrapper attachment. With a 3M™ base polyester material printed with LED UV Inkjet on a 3M™ Configured Printer and a 3M™ Protective Laminate, it can be used (and re-used) in demanding environments. Our Pre-coiled pipe marking has a long expected lifetime and is easy to apply.

This removable and reusable PolyesPro® Pipe Marking film can include warning signs, GHS symbol, pipe origin and destination, line number, and even QR and bar codes in addition to pipe contents.


Benefits of PreCoiled PolyesPro® pipe marking:
  • • High-quality product developed for harsh conditions for application in maritime, offshore, petrochemical & refinery industries.
  • • Can be used on dirty, oily, greasy, or rough surfaced piping systems.
  • • Meets Standards like ISO 20560, DIN, ASME / ANSI Standard, BSI, etc.
  • • UV resistant, durable, and can be replaced and reused.