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Pipe Marking

Pipe marking is essential on ships to ensure safety at all times. They give your crew, operators, or other external maintenance engineers information about the contents of the pipes. A piping system without pipe marking can lead to accidents, injuries, and damage to machines and equipment.

At T-ISS we produce, design, and install the best Pipe Marking products available in the market. Our standard maritime program has 3 quality levels and can be fully customized to your location or needs. We offer Single color markings and Vinyl unlaminated markings in a basic line and an Economy line.

We also offer high-quality PolesPro pipe marking. PolyesPro has a better temperature resistance and therefore a longer service life. PolyesPro also offers pre-coiled pipe markers that are removable.

Within our production process, we can make several different layouts for you. These layouts always include the mandatory safety information:
– flow direction
– GHS/CLP symbols and warning sings
– Pipe contents description

Our markers always comply with the latest applicable standards and requirements regarding legislation and regulations.

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