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How to deploy the Fire Isolator concept

Posted by Nicky Smol on March 21, 2023 in Other news

How to deploy the Fire Isolator concept

In our newest video, we show you an animated version of how to deploy the Fire Isolator concept in case of an electric vehicle fire. In this video we explain in a clear and slow way which steps to follow when deploying the Fire Isolator concept.

The video shows how…


  • • to safely approach the burning EV
  • • and where to quickly and effectively place the smart bag with the blanket
  • • to fully cover the car with the blanket to minimize collateral damage
  • • to use the water mist lance, making the blanket as gastight as possible
  • • to deploy the aerosol units
  • • to monitor the temperature of the fire



Want more information about the Fire Isolator concept? Visit www.fireisolator.com, start a chat now, or contact us here.