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Visibility tapes you need for your vessel

Posted by Nicky Smol on April 25, 2022 in Other news

Visibility tapes

Visibility tapes

When it comes to safety at sea, visibility tapes are very important. In case of an emergency onboard a vessel, visibility is key. That is why we created different kinds of visibility tapes for inside and outside: from reflective tapes for your liferafts to photoluminescent tapes for safe escape routes, we’ve got it all.


Reflective tapes

Reflective tapes in the maritime and offshore industry help increase safety on ships. At T-ISS and solastape.com, we have different kinds of reflective tapes in different colors.


Marine Reflective tape

The Marine Reflective tape is a high-quality and self-adhesive tape that meets your requirements. The tape is made up of several layers of minuscule prisms which reflect the light perfectly and can be applied to various materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. It comes in yellow and red.


Solasflex Retro Reflective tape

The Solasflex Retro Reflective tape is one of our best-selling tapes. The tape enhances the visibility of lifejackets, life rafts, or lifeboats. When it comes to the safety of your crew, there is no room for mistakes. That is why certain objects on your vessel should always be highly visible. The Solasflex Retro Reflective tape reflects any light and amplifies it to provide enhanced night-time reflected visible brightness in dark areas, especially poorly lit areas.

The SolasFlex Retro-reflective tapes are type II approved A658(16). This means you can use them internally and externally. The reflective tapes are highly weather-resistant for continuous outdoor exposure. The tapes are designed for the offshore and marine industries. We guarantee a long lifespan.

Visibility tapes


Marking tapes

Marking tapes give you the ability to mark hazards onboard your ship. This makes the working environment a lot safer for you and your personnel.


Zebra Reflective tape

Our Marking tape reflective, or Zebra reflective tape (because of its stripes), marks dangerous areas on your vessel. This way it provides safety to, for instance, your machine room. Though it may not look like it in the picture, our Marking reflective tape is 200 (!) times more reflective than a white wall. This gives you and your crew 24/7 protection in and on your vessel. The tapes come in white/red and black/yellow.


Anti Slip tape

Anti-Slip Tape, or Slip Stop tape, helps to protect slippery surfaces and to prevent accidents. Apply the tape on stairs or walkways for safe working and walking by. Our Slip Stop Tape is a mineral-coated plastic film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a removable liner. The tape is made using aluminum oxide mineral particles and has a solvent acrylic adhesive material.

The Slip Stop tape is very easy to use. You can apply it indoors and outdoors, as long as the temperature is between 5 °C and 50 °C. Also, you can choose between two colors. All black for a more luxurious look or black and yellow for higher visibility. The black Slip stop tape comes in 4 different sizes and the black and yellow tape in 2.


Visibility tapes with Photoluminescent properties

In case of an emergency on a ship, sometimes electricity fails. In order to ensure visibility during such an emergency, we offer photoluminescent tapes. Photoluminescence is the emission of light from any form of matter after excitation from another light source. When everything goes dark, our photoluminescent tapes are highly visible.

Safety Marking Tape Photoluminescent is used to show contours in spaces. The outlines of (emergency) exits, obstacles, and areas to be kept clear, or for example, fire extinguishers can be marked with luminous Safety Marking Tapes. The tape complies with the IMO & SOLAS regulations, have a strong adhesive layer, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications/usage.

If you prefer our photoluminescent tapes without stripes, you can also choose our Lightline Photoluminescent tapes.

visibility tapes








If you have any questions about our visibility tapes or anything else, please feel free to contact us!