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Safety Sign regulations

Posted by Nicky Smol on April 5, 2022 in Other news

Safety Sign regulations

IMO Safety Signs by SafeSign

Safety Sign regulations – IMO stand for International Maritime Organization. The IMO is a specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. At T-ISS, we only sell IMO Safety signs by SafeSign.


Safety Sign Regulations

The SOLAS Convention is the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships. SOLAS stands for Safety of life at Sea. In 1914, the first version of SOLAS was adopted in response to the Titanic disaster. The main objective of the SOLAS Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment, and operation of ships, compatible with their safety. At T-ISS, we find it extremely important to work with SOLAS regulations and ISO standards. This way we can guarantee you our products are the best and safest on the market.


Prevention of Fire and Explosion

Solas Chapter 11-2 is about the prevention of fire and explosion, smoke generation potential, and toxicity. The purpose of this regulation is to reduce the hazard to life from smoke and toxic products generated during a fire. Some materials are toxic when exposed to a fire. This is dangerous for the people on board the vessel. Therefore, the quantity of smoke and toxicity released from combustible materials must be limited. For this reason, amongst others, we only use PET-X materials at T-ISS and no PVC.


How to install Safety Signs?

SafeSign is the only manufacturer that supplies all signs, posters, and Low Location Lighting-strips with self-adhesive backing. You will never have to use adhesives or other methods for fixing. We specifically selected the self-adhesive backing, from a PE closed-cell foam, to withstand the harsh marine environment. All signs, posters, and LLL strips, are delivered with a protective front film. You should remove this film after you’ve applied the product.


Recommended Sign size

It won’t come as a surprise to you that signs that have a far viewing distance, need to be bigger. But how much bigger? When it comes to Safety Sign regulations, there are no specific rules on the sizes of Safety Signs. But what would we recommend?

Viewing distance depends on the viewing conditions of the location and the text size of the sign. At SafeSign, we have a lot of experience in placing signs over the years. We created a guideline for recommended Sign sizes to help you make your location safer and implement our signs in the best way possible.

Safety Sign regulations


Photoluminescent Safety Sign Regulations

Safety Signs with photoluminescent qualities are used to safely guide people outside or to assembly points. Photoluminescent Safety Sign regulations can be found in ISO 16069 – Safety Way Guidance System.

The illustration depicts an example of components used to convey one of the several possible layouts of a safety way guidance system for a typical detail of an escape route:
a + b: High mounted single-sided photo illuminated safety sign
c: Low Location Light marking.
d: Guidance line with a directional indicator

LLL regulations


All photoluminescent signage needs to meet the requirements stated in IMO resolution 752(18). This means that these signs need to provide, as a minimum, 15 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes and 2 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes when no longer exposed to an illuminating source. You need to test the luminance of signs, such as low location light systems, at least once every 5 years. Therefore it’s key to use quality signs which provide these values, and not only in the first months.


IMO SafeSign Posters

According to Solas regulations, you have to place information signs in the direct area of rescue and lifesaving devices. The signs must explain function, control, and actions to be taken. SafeSign designs for this training and instruction posters which come in an outdoor high-quality self-adhesive PETX. The size is in general 30×40 cm. On special request, we supply these signs bi-lingual.


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