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Spray Stop Tape to prevent dangerous spray-outs

Posted by Nicky Smol on May 9, 2022 in Other news

Spray Stop tape

Spray Stop tape

Spray Stop tape, also known as anti-splash tape, is one of our best-known products. And for a reason! It is the best and most certified anti-splashing tape on the market. The tape prevents dangerous spray-outs of hazardous liquids in tubing systems. These liquids can cause extremely dangerous situations like fires, explosions, or other dangerous situations. When it comes to it, Spray Stop Tape can even save lives.


What is the tape made of?

Our tape is a high-tech laminated multilayer aluminum tape. The tape is designed by our safety specialists in order to prevent spray-outs of hazardous liquids (oil/fuel) from tubing systems.

According to SOLAS regulations, ships should apply appropriate protection to prevent leakage/splashing of flammable oil from FO, LO hydraulics, and other systems.

Spray Stop tape









How to use

The tape is recommended on connections in the following situations and where flammable and hot liquids are in service:

•  Fuel oil injection pipes, fuel oil service pipes, fuel oil
valve cooling oil pipes and all joint connections
• LFO & HFO service pipes and hydraulic oil pipes
• Flammable oil pipes
• Flammable oil pump and strainer
• Hydraulic piping
• Boiler, thermal oil heater, incinerator


Spray Stop 50+

Need a higher pressure for your tubing systems? Our Spray Stop 50+ holds up to 50 bars instead of 15! This means the tape will be particularly suitable for tubing systems that transport liquids under high pressure. Of course, this tape can be used under the same circumstances as our standard Spray Stop Anti-Splashing tape.


More about our Spray stop Tape

The tape has a maximum pressure of 15 bar and a maximum temperature of +160 ºC continuously and +200 ºC shortly. The shelf life is 3 years. Also, for your convenience the tape comes in many dimensions, check the product page here.


If you have any questions regarding our tapes, please feel free to contact us.