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Our range of SOLAS Maritime Safety tapes

Posted by Nicky Smol on February 23, 2022 in Other news

solas maritime safety tapes

What are SOLAS Maritime Safety tapes?

At T-ISS, we have a large range of SOLAS Maritime Safety tapes. SOLAS stands for ‘Safety of life at sea’. It’s an International Convention that sets safety standards for the use of equipment on ships worldwide. In this article, we tell you all about our safety tapes and how they can help you increase the safety onboard your vessel.


Our range of SOLAS Maritime Safety tapes

Our tapes can be divided into different categories:


Anti-splashing tapes

Solas Maritime Safety tapes - anti splash tape


When an engine installation malfunctions, there could be a spray of gas or liquids. These liquids cause extremely dangerous situations like fires, explosions, or other dangerous situations. This is why, according to SOLAS and IMO regulations, you are required to equip the pipes in your engine room with Anti-Splashing tape.

So make sure to protect your personnel and choose from our certified Anti-Splashing tapes:


Spray Stop Anti-splash tape

T-ISS Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape is used for the marine & offshore industry. The tape is made of high-tech laminated multilayer aluminum. It prevents spray-outs of hazardous (hot) liquids from tubing systems. Our Spray Stop tape has a maximum temperature of 160°C continuously (200°C shortly) and a shelflife of a minimum of 3 years when properly stored.


Spray stop 50+

Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape 50+ is slightly different compared to the regular version. Standard Spray Stop Tape holds pressure up to 15 bar. Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape 50+ extends this limit to 50 bar. In other words, the tape is suitable for tubing systems that transport liquids under high pressure. Of course, you can use this tape under the same circumstances as our standard Spray Stop Anti-Splashing tape.


Spray control sealing tape

If you are looking to upgrade the safety of your pipeline systems, Spray Control tape is the tape for you. This protection tape prevents damage to your personnel, machinery, and pipes. Apply the tape on flanges & valves at chemical plants to prevent leaks. Above all, pre-leak detection helps you save unnecessary expenditure for maintenance and repairing.


Drip Stop no-leak tape

Our Drip Stop tape is perfect for wet surfaces or even underwater. It pressurizes leaking piping up to a maximum of 3 kg/cm². Use our Drip Stop tape as a protection layer to prevent corrosion or as electric insulation. The tape can withstand heavy weather circumstances. In addition, it is easy to use on all materials.


Reflective tapes

Solas Maritime Safety tapes - reflective tape


Reflective tapes are used in the maritime and offshore industry to increase safety on ships. They enhance the visibility of lifejackets, life rafts, or lifeboats. In our range of reflective tapes, there’s our Marine reflective tape, our Safety marking reflective tape, and our SolasFlex Retro-reflective tape.


Marine reflective tape

Our high-quality self-adhesive Marine Reflective Tape meets all requirements, such as impact resistance and UV protection. The tape is made of several layers of minuscule prisms which reflect the light perfectly. You can apply the tape to various materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. The Marine reflective tapes come in the colors red and yellow.


Safety marking tape reflective

Looking for tape to mark dangerous areas? T-ISS Safety Marking Tape Reflective is an engineering-grade reflective tape. This tape provides safety by highlighting hazards. For example, the tapes are over 200 times more reflective than white paint. This gives you and your crew 24/7 protection in and on your vessel. The tapes come in white/red and black/yellow.


SolasFlex Retro Reflective tape

The Solasflex Retro Reflective tape reflects any light and amplifies it to provide enhanced night-time reflected visible brightness in dark areas. Especially poorly lit areas. The tapes are type II approved A658(16). In short, this means you can use them internally and externally. The reflective tapes are highly weather-resistant for continuous outdoor exposure. The color of our Retro-reflective tape is silver and the tape comes in 4 dimensions.


What tape suits your needs best? Our Buyer’s guide explains the differences between our tapes!


Photoluminescent tapes


Solas Maritime Safety tapes - photoluminescent tape


At T-ISS we manufacture various photoluminescent tapes to indicate escape routes. We make these tapes with PVC, PU, or PET materials. Most importantly, all of our photoluminescent tapes comply with the IMO & SOLAS regulations.


Lightline Photoluminescent tape

The Lightline Photoluminescent tapes have a strong adhesive layer. This ensures extremely good adhesion on many different substrates. The tapes are specially designed for mounting onboard ships and have excellent aging and weather-resistant properties. Because of these properties, the tapes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications/usage. In addition, the photoluminescent tapes are not only applicable in the maritime and offshore sectors. For example, you can also use them for regular buildings, warehouses, etc.


Safety marking tape photoluminescent

Our Safety Marking Tape shows contours in spaces. It is important to outline certain areas like emergency exits, obstacles, or fire extinguishers. The photoluminescence makes sure the tapes are always highly visible. Most importantly, when the power shuts down. All of our tapes comply with the IMO & SOLAS regulations. Moreover, the strong adhesive layer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications/usage.


Anti Corrosion tapes

Solas Maritime Safety tapes - anti corrosion tape


When metal comes into contact with water, oxygen, or other metal, it causes corrosion. Corrosion is seen a lot in the maritime industry and can cause a lot of problems. The rusty metal becomes vulnerable and this leads to cracks and even holes. However, luckily there are ways to keep corrosion from creeping into piping or non-piping surfaces.


Rust Stop Petro tape

Rust Stop Petro tape by T-ISS is an anti-corrosion tape that you can apply to all types of steel. The tape provides excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalies, and salts. It is an appropriate long-term solution against corrosion. Even underwater, under the ground, and in harsh weather conditions. The tape retains its excellent properties. It will not peel, harden or crack. Moreover, Rust Stop tape is easy to apply and requires a very short processing time.


Cor Stop Zinc tape

Anti-corrosion tape helps prevent corrosion on steel. Like we said before, corrosion often occurs when metal is exposed to water. Of course, this is something that happens a lot in the maritime industry. In addition, our Cor Stop Zinc tape helps with Galvanic Corrosion. Galvanic corrosion, also known as bimetallic corrosion, is an electrochemical process. In this process, one metal corrodes in preference to another metal that it is in contact with through an electrolyte. This happens when two different types of metal, like tubing systems, are attached to each other. Our Solastape CorStop tape has a sacrificing role in the oxidation process. Instead of the two metals that are attached to each other, the CorStop tape oxidizes and so protects the two metals.


Insulation tapes

Solas Maritime Safety tapes


The heat in tubing systems can sometimes reach temperatures of 180 °C. This can be dangerous for your crew and even cause fires. Therefore, a lot of vessels use insulation tapes to ‘cool down’ tubing systems. Decreasing temperatures this way easily makes your tubing systems safer.


Heat Stop tape

Heat Stop Tape protects surfaces and lowers temperatures in a highly effective way. Our Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape is a revolutionary new environmentally friendly tape. It is used for the insulation of hot piping systems onboard ships. For example; a 180 °C tube will decrease to a temperature of 60 °C when T-ISS HeatStop Tape is applied. Our innovative Heat Stop Tape is unique and is of a robust quality compared to common heat stop tapes.


What tape suits your needs best? Our Buyer’s guide explains the differences between our tapes!


Our other SOLAS Maritime Safety tapes

Solas Maritime Safety tapes


At T-ISS, we are specialized in SOLAS Maritime safety tapes. Whatever you need on your vessel, we can deliver. So make sure to take a look at these next 4 tapes too!


Security Seal tape

With Security Seal tape you ensure increased safety for the transport of your goods. These security tapes (also called warranty void labels) make sure no one can tamper with your goods without you finding out. The tapes are very effective on carton boxes, but also on other materials.


Hatch cover blueliner tape

Extreme weather conditions can cause leakage of your hatch covers. This sometimes leads to damage to the cargo. Hatch Cover Blueliner Tape keeps moisture out and ensures a tight seal that is weather and smoke resistant. The tape has extraordinary strength, great adhesion, and is extremely flexible. And, Hatch Cover Blueliner tape is easily recognizable by the blue top layer of modified PE material. This material gives the highest protection under extreme conditions.


Foam Mounting tape

Foam Mounting Tapes can quickly bond two materials together. The foam tapes are closed-cell, polyethylene foam, coated with a high-tack acrylic adhesive. This tape has superior chemical and fuel resistance. Furthermore, you can use it outdoors because of the great weather resistance.


Anti Slip

Anti-Slip Tape helps to protect slippery surfaces and prevents accidents. This tape offers safe working and walking when applied on stairs and walkways. Both indoor and outdoor. Anti-Slip Tape is a mineral-coated plastic film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a removable liner. The tape is made using aluminum oxide mineral particles. It has a solvent acrylic adhesive material. Moreover, the tape comes in two colors. Black for a more luxurious look and black/yellow for higher visibility.


If you have any questions about our SOLAS Maritime safety tapes, please feel free to contact us.
Our tapes are also available at solastape.com, powered by T-ISS.