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Pipe marking products for every project and budget

Posted by Nicky Smol on March 2, 2022 in Other news

pipe marking products polyespro

Pipe marking products

At T-ISS, we produce, design, and install the best pipe marking products available in the market. Because we offer different kinds of pipe marking, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice for your company. So, let’s go a bit more into detail about the different types of quality pipe marking.


pipe marking products


What is ISO 20650 and why is it important?

Identification of the contents of piping systems and storage tanks in the chemical, maritime, industrial, and offshore markets is crucially important. It reduces misunderstandings in operational and maintenance work to an absolute minimum and in doing so, contributes to overall safety.

ISO 20650 specifies safety information for above-ground piping systems. These guidelines and basic identification colors decrease accidents and reduce health risks. The safety information system gives you visual elements to show accurate information. For example, colors and color combinations such as a coding system, text, safety signs, GHS hazard pictograms, and arrows.

As chairman, project leader, and initiator, T-ISS is active in the person of managing director Willem Heijboer in the 145 Technical Committee, working group 6 of ISO that has worked on a global standard for pipe and tank marking: ISO 20560.


Good pipe marking consists of 4 elements:


1. Basic identification of color

Pipe safety information systems include color coding. This color consists of the basic identification colors, and the safety color yellow for hazardous substances. No need for further differentiation of hazardous substances? Then only use the safety color yellow.


2. Name of the substance/content

The name of the contents (for example ‘water’) of the pipeline is always in the text on the marking. Also allowed is the chemical formula (H2O). Longer words can be abbreviated to standard approved abbreviations. Make sure to place the text in the center of the basic identification color.


3. Flow direction indicators

Arrows indicate the direction of flow of the contents of the pipe. Depending on the color of the background, the arrow is black or white. Also, a clear contrast is important for the visibility of the arrow.


4. Warning symbols, GHS symbols (or both)

Warning symbols communicate information about specific safety warnings. All symbols are in line with ISO 7010. Furthermore, the background of these symbols is white or the safety color yellow.


Pipe marking products - ISO 20650






Single color pipe marking – What color pipe marking do you need?

Our Single color pipe marking tape is a simple tape. Single-color pipe marking combines the correct color coding. Add a flow direction tape to enhance the identification.


ISO 20560 Blomsma Signs & Safety















Economy-line pipe marking for indoor use

Do you need the identification of piping systems for offshore platforms and vessels? At T-ISS we created the Economy Line Pipe Marking identification systems according to ISO 14726. ISO 14726:2008 specifies main colors and additional colors to identify piping systems.

This pipe marking tape is an economic, unlaminated vinyl. We recommend this tape for indoor use, such as in a ship engine room. You can also use the tape outdoors, but it has a shorter lifespan compared to PolyesPro® and the Basic Line.


Basic-line pipe marking

We created our Basic-line pipe marking according to ISO 14726. This pipe marking tape is a standard performance vinyl sandwich. It is manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System™) production specifications. For your information, the basic-line pipe marking comes with a gloss laminated finish. Additionally, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use in various types of environments.

pipe marking products polyespro



PolyesPro® is the highest-quality pipe marking product available on the market. Our PolyesPro® pipe marking is produced using the 3M MCS or Matched Component System. It comprises a sandwich of polyester base material that the image is printed on. Then, it is finished with a protective polyester laminate. The base material has a halogen-free adhesive backing. This makes it suitable for applying to stainless steel piping as well. The protective properties of the polyester laminate, such as resistance to UV and numerous chemicals, guarantee a long service life. Also, PolyesPro® pipe marking doesn’t contain PVC (vinyl chlorides).


If you have any questions regarding our pipe marking products, please feel free to contact us.