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DNV certificate Low Location Lighting renewed

Posted by Nicky Smol on March 21, 2023 in Other news

DNV certificate for Low Location Lighting renewed

We are pleased to announce that our DNV certificate for our Low Location Lighting measurements was renewed for another 3 years. The DNV certificate confirms that we are an approved service supplier.


Low Location lighting measurements

As a vessel owner, it is essential to test your Low Location Lighting (LLL) systems every five years. At T-ISS, we have a qualified team of engineers who use certified test equipment to conduct luminance testing of LLL systems on board your vessel.

Once the luminescence measurement survey is complete, and all systems meet the legally required ratings, we will provide a report detailing all readings and any necessary upgrades or modifications needed.

In March of 2023, T-ISS is once again accredited by DNV to execute these Low Location Lighting measurement services. The certificate is renewed for another 3 years.


DNV certificate for Low Location Lighting renewed


DNV certificate Low Location Lighting

A DNV certificate is a document indicating that an organization meets the international standards set by DNV-GL. The certificate demonstrates that an organization has implemented and maintains the quality, environmental, and safety systems necessary to provide high-quality products and services and meet the requirements of customers and other stakeholders.

At T-ISS, having DNV certificates for our products is a must, because it shows our customers and distributors that we are committed to quality, sustainability and safety.


Want more information about our Low Location Lighting measurements? Please feel free to contact us anytime.