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Reflective tapes – everything you need to know

Posted by Nicky Smol on April 13, 2023 in Other news

Reflective tapes

What is Solas reflective tape?

SOLAS reflective tape, also known as SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) tape, is a specific tape with reflective properties that meets all requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for maritime safety. These tapes are used in the maritime and offshore industries to increase safety on ships. They are designed to enhance visibility at sea.

Our tape contains retro-reflective properties, which means that the tape reflects light back toward its source, making it highly visible from a distance. It helps improve the identification and location of, for example, lifejackets, life rafts, and lifeboats. Critical in emergency situations.


What is the best reflective tape?

At T-ISS, we offer you the best SOLAS reflective tapes on the market. Our reflective tapes are type II approved A658(16). This means they can be used inside and outside (Type I can only be used indoors). The tapes are highly weather resistant to continuous outdoor exposure. They are designed specifically for the offshore and marine industries and have a long lifespan.



Reflective tapes


Where is reflective tape used?

When it comes to the safety of your crew, there is no room for mistakes. That is why certain objects on your vessel should always be highly visible. Our Solasflex Retro Reflective tape can be used for:


  • • Visibility of (smaller) vessels, like fishing boats and pleasure crafts. This helps other vessels to identify, locate and track the vessel and reduces the risk of collisions and accidents.
  • • Life-saving equipment such as lifejackets, life rafts, lifeboats, and life buoys.
  • • Maritime structures such as offshore platforms and buoys.
  • • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): clothing worn by maritime workers, such as safety vests, jackets, or helmets.
  • • Maritime signage.

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply the tape:

  1. 1. Clean the surface carefully.
  2. 2. The tape should be installed making sure that these finished surfaces are clear of dirt, dust, and fat.
  3. 3. Unroll the material and cut it to fit the area to be glued or stitched on.
  4. 4. When installing around a lifebuoy always take an overlap of 5 cm. (Must be above 15 C°)
  5. 5. After installing it on the surface the tape should be there for at least 12hrs for perfect adhesion. In case of a contaminated area, it should be cleaned before installation.

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