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Beware of the release hooks you buy

Posted by Lennart on December 16, 2022 in Other news

release hooks

In recent weeks, a critical issue has come to our attention that demands immediate action. It has come to our notice that certain release hooks are being sold in the market, which not only fail to meet essential legal and regulatory requirements but also lack the necessary certifications. The risks of such bad release hooks extend beyond just inconvenience; they pose a severe threat to your safety, particularly when you’re out at sea.

At T-ISS, we take the safety of maritime professionals and enthusiasts seriously. Since 2020, we’ve proudly served as the exclusive distributor of the renowned Wuxi line of release hooks manufactured by Wuxi Mingzi Machinery Manufacturing. This exclusive partnership ensures that you receive authentic, high-quality products, backed by the trust and reputation of two industry-leading brands. Unfortunately, unscrupulous entities in the market may attempt to counterfeit these products, potentially putting your safety in jeopardy. Moreover, they might fail to provide you with the original spare parts, compromising the integrity of your equipment.

When it comes to the safety of life at sea, there’s no room for compromise. Safety standards demand that release hooks be certified for use with liferafts and rescue boats. If a release hook lacks this certification, it should not be sold or installed as part of a combined system. It’s crucial to examine the label of any release hook you consider. Authentic release hooks should have labels made of durable, long-lasting materials, not flimsy stickers that can easily deteriorate. This ensures that the hook remains traceable for surveyors and authorities, further enhancing safety protocols.

One key aspect to watch for on the label is the Wheelmark, which must conform to module F of the hook. Any deviation from this standard is unacceptable and could compromise the safety of your vessel and crew.

For a comprehensive overview of our premium range of release hooks, we invite you to explore our dedicated product page. At T-ISS, your safety is our top priority, and our commitment to delivering reliable, certified release hooks remains unwavering. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your safety at sea – choose T-ISS for peace of mind and the highest quality equipment on the market.