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Be aware of the release hooks you buy

Posted by Lennart on December 16, 2022 in Other news

release hooks

In recent weeks, we have been alerted to the fact that release hooks are still being sold that do not comply with laws and requirements, nor do they have the correct certificates.

Since 2020, T-ISS has been the exclusive distributor of the Wuxi line of release hooks. Thus, other parties could counterfeit the product and/or fail to provide you with original spare parts.

Automatic release hooks should always be certified for liferaft and rescue boats. If neither is mentioned in the class certificate, they may not be sold or installed as a combined hook.

Also, look in particular at the label of your hooks. This label should always be made of durable and long-lasting material and not just a simple sticker. A hook should always be traceable by surveyors.

The Wheelmark on the label of these hooks must conform to the module F of the hook, no deviation from this will be accepted. For an overview of our release hooks go to this page.