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The right tape for every situation – Buyer’s guide

Posted by Chanel Bronsgeest on December 1, 2022 in Other news

buyer's guide 2022

Globally, there is a wide range of safety tapes available for many different offshore and onshore applications. Deciding which tape is the best for your situation can be a challenging task, given the many different types of tapes on the market today. Is the tape you are looking at the right one to prevent accidents, and are you applying the tape to the surface correctly? This Buyer’s Guide serves as a source of information for anyone looking to buy safety tapes. We will explain in-depth what each tape does, when you need to use it and how you can apply it correctly.

T-ISS and solastape.com have a wide range of safety tapes on stock, each with different characteristics and applications. In this Buyer’s Guide, you will learn more about each tape; application examples, suitable substrates, application images and the product’s certificates when applicable. All these tapes are developed to prevent accidents, to protect you and your personnel, to mark locations, to suppress corrosion or to guide the way in the dark.

In this Buyer’s Guide we have divided the tapes into five different categories:

– Anti-splash and anti-leak tapes

– Reflective tapes and marking tapes

– Insulation tapes

– Anti-corrosion tapes

– Additional tapes and specials

Via this link you can directly download the buyer’s guide.