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Allianz mentions fire blankets as a way of controlling EV fires on vessels in the newest Risk Consulting Bulletin

Posted by Nicky Smol on November 3, 2022 in Other news

Controlling EV fires on vessels – These days, more and more people are investing in new, modern electric vehicles. And these vehicles need to be transported, often by cargo ships. This means that car decks on vessels are carrying a lot of these EV cars close to each other. But what if one of them catches fire?

More transportation of electric vehicles also means more risk of these possible fires on board. No wonder insurance companies like Allianz are looking into these risks and therefore possible solutions to prevent such catastrophic events on ships.


controlling EV fires on vessels


Allianz mentions fire blankets in Risk Consulting Bulletin – ‘Fire risks and loss prevention measures in shipping’

In its latest and excellent consulting bulletin for controlling EV fires on vessels by the hands of Randy Lund and his team, titled ‘Lithium-ion batteries: Fire risks and loss prevention measures in shipping, Allianz has put together a lot of valuable insights and guidance on how to deal with the challenge of fire caused by lithium-ion batteries inside vehicles that are being transported by ship.

On this document’s page 3, Allianz mentions fire blankets. The concept of controlling an EV fire by means of specially designed and high-quality fire blankets are mentioned as an interesting way forward for car carrier operators, next to eg. the drenching system on board the ship can keep both the car, surrounding cars, and the ship’s construction wet.

You can read the full document here


controlling EV fires on vessels



The Fire Isolator concept to control EV car fires

controlling EV fires on vessels – Many of our customers in the car carrier sector, such as MOL and Fairfield, have already strategically placed Fire Isolator kits on their car decks. Their crew was trained by us in order to quickly be able to control Lithium car fires onboard their ships.

We are happy to share our test results and best practices for our concept onboard ferries or car carriers. Contact us now!