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Cruise ship interior by T-ISS – a walkthrough tour

Posted by Nicky Smol on November 2, 2021 in Other news

cruise ship interior T-ISS

Escape route signage as part of a Cruise ship Interior

If you are in the cruise ship business, you know as well as we do that a cruise ship is not just a hotel on water. The guests on your cruise did not just book a vacation. They booked an experience. And part of that experience is the cruise ship interior. Exceed all of your guest’s expectations by working with companies that understand you. At T-ISS, we know how to implement effective, yet appropriate, escape route signage in (high-end) cruise interiors. We provide a coherent system of environment-friendly IMO signage, Low Location Lighting, LED escape signs, safety instructions, wayfinding, and interior decoration.


Let’s take you on a tour

To know how to exceed your guest’s expectation, we simply become one of them. How does a guest on your cruise ship experience his or her stay? What do they see and what is important to them? Let’s have a look at your cruise ship through the eyes of one of your guests and give them the best experience your cruise ship has to offer.

‘’ Let me take you on a tour through this amazing cruise ship. As we go aboard the ship, the entrance leads us straight to a beautiful reception. We are welcomed by a nice lady behind the desk who introduced herself politely. The ambiance of the reception is very lovely and calm. De reception desk looks like it is wrapped, but I’m not sure because the look of it seems so real. This might be DI-NOC foil? Although I am not an expert, I have heard great things about DI-NOC and its qualities and flexibility. Behind the desk, there’s a very chic illuminated logo on the wall. The nice lady hands over our keys and kindly asks us to follow the wayfinding to our room”.


T-ISS cruise ship interior



Interior of the cruise ship

”It can take me some time to find a room in hotels or cruise ships sometimes, on this cruise, however, the wayfinding is actually really outstanding. Not only is it clear and readable, but it is also completely in the corporate design and matches the interior on the ship. Getting lost in a big place like this can be easy and stressful, so I am very satisfied. On our way to our room we walk by several toilets, a gym, and even something that looks like a little Spa.

When we arrive at our room, I notice the sign with our room number also has braille on it. How thoughtful. The design of the sign is very nice and makes me even more curious about the room. We enter the room and I must say, it immediately exceeds all of our expectations. The room’s interior is beautiful and everything in it is very clean. The bathroom is separated from the room with a glass wall, decorated with privacy film. The room also has a little balcony with an amazing view over the sea. The glass on the balcony is covered with safety film. Next to the door, there’s a nicely designed Safety Instruction sign on the wall. I take some time to study it, but it doesn’t take long for me to figure out where on the ship we are exactly. The Safety Instruction sign is surprisingly specific and contains information about the emergency routes from our room to the assembly station”.

T-ISS cruise ship interior


Wayfinding on board

”We leave the luggage in our rooms, excited to make our way back into the corridor to further explore the cruise a little. The cruise ship interior is so great! On the way to the restaurant (hungry!), we make a stop at one of the many public restrooms on the ship. I notice the toilets and the sinks are separated by glass, again with very nice privacy film. The interior is as great as our own room and there are even decorations on the floor! We continue our way to the restaurant. Or should I say, one of them? Due to the clear wayfinding system, we don’t have any trouble finding the nearest one. In the restaurant, we see the same Safety Instruction signs, which we know how to read by now because of the consistent use of symbols and instructions.

cruise ship interior T-ISS


At this point, I thought I wouldn’t be so easily impressed anymore. But the restaurant looks amazing. We decide to sit down at a nice table next to a wonderful artwork on the wall. I notice that, even though the restaurant is quite large, there’s no noise pollution at all. The artworks in here must be acoustic panels”.


Safety first

”On our way into the cruise ship I already found the wayfinding system to be very efficient, but for me, safety is also very important. Therefore, it reassures me to see that the corridors are provided with low-location lightning. Interesting to see is the fact that the low location lightning is electrical. I am used to seeing the photoluminescent typ, but these look very classy! On the ceiling are electrical escape signs. It seems like they are photoluminescent as well, so when the power goes down, the photoluminescent capabilities of the sign can take over. The LED escape signs do not use batteries, which also saves the environment. Very nice! Before going back to our room, I decide to follow the escape route signage to the nearest assembly point. It gives me comfort knowing where to go in case of an emergency. The (electrical) escape signage on the ship is very clear and again, easy to follow. The electrical signs also give a nice, luxurious look compared to the plastic signs you often see on other ships. Once I arrive at the assembly point only shortly after, I feel reassured by the clarity of the escape routes on the cruise ship. The Safety Sign system is so consistent and recognizable!

After having an amazing first day, my expectations really have been exceeded. I feel safe and satisfied before going to bed, and I’m already excited for tomorrow.’’

cruise ship interior T-ISS



Cruise ship interior by T-ISS

Just as cruise ships are more than just hotels on water, we at T-ISS are more than just Safety Suppliers. Yes, T-ISS is one of the leading players in the Marine Industry. We are dedicated to making ships safer every day. But! We can do so much more. Due to our years of experience in working with the best architects and interior designers, we are also the right party to implement amazing interior designs on your cruise ship.

What can we do for the cruise ship’s interior?
– Implement DI-NOC foil for a luxurious, realistic-looking cover (also great for renovation).
– Install sustainable illuminated LED signs (with your logo).
– Implement a correct Wayfinding system (all in the corporate identity).

Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Please check our brochure on Maritime-interior or feel free to contact us.