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Our Maritime SafeSign LED Escape Sign certified by RINA

Posted by Nicky Smol on October 1, 2021 in Other news

RINA Certificate Maritime SafeSign LED Escape Sign by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

We are proud to announce that our marine LED escape signs /exit lights, as of this week have a RINA certification, in addition to the normal CE certification. This makes our LED escape signs, the LX070R and LX070S with after-lighting capabilities in case of power failure, only the 2nd in the world to receive a Marine certification.

This certificate, awarded in Hamburg on 29 September 2021, refers to the ‘Rules for the classification of ships, – Part C – Machinery, systems and fire protection, – CH.3, Sect. 6, Table 1.

Armature Marine SafeSign LED Escape Sign

About the SafeSign LED Escape sign

The T-ISS SafeSign LED LX070 series is the first Marine RINA approved Exit light that do not use a battery in case of a power failure. Due to an innovative combination of LED & photoluminescent (afterglowing) technology, these exit lights still are visible for up to 5 hours in case of a power cut.

This series of LED Escape signs sets the new standard in escape/exit lights onboard ferries & cruise ships. The slim and contemporary design will be appreciated by naval architects who did not like the underwhelming but common blocks mounted under the ceilings.


You can view the RINA certificate here.

For product specifications, you check out our product page of the Maritime SafeSign LED Escape Sign or view our product video on YouTube.