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HRU Ve-1: NEW version; same reliability!

Posted by Nicky Smol on November 30, 2021 in Product information

NEW HRU Ve-1 upgrade 2022 by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

After 10 years of cutting ropes, it is time for a new version of our famous Hydrostatic Release Unit. We are proud to present the HRU Ve-1 version 2022. This new HRU still does the same job but now with a new, upgraded material. It lasts longer, looks better and does its job as it was before.

The T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 hydrostatic release unit is designed to operate in all weather conditions, from extreme heat to the polar environment. In the exceptional situation your vessel sinks, the T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 will automatically release your life rafts and EPIRBs.

For more information and to get a quote for these HRU’s, please contact sales@t-iss.com.