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Maritime SafeSign Led Escape Sign

Posted by Nicky Smol on November 9, 2020 in New products

SafeSign LED Escape Sign by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Maritime SafeSign LED Escape sign

Our ‘Dutch Design’ premium quality range of LED Escape signs are designed to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes, executed in a timeless design that fits in with contemporary naval architecture. Our range of LED Escape signs allow for easy installation and provide a reliable and stylish solution for use onboard cruise ships, ferries, offshore installations and commercial ships.

These LED Escape signs are IP44 protected, CE approved and are available in two formats, recessed and surface mounted, offering ‘fit and forget’ LED technology providing a long lifespan of at least 40,000 hours. The range of illuminated LED Escape signs can even be supplied with various colour lighting depending on the requirements of the ship owner or architect, as well as other frame colours.


Electrical and photoluminescent in one: the best of both worlds

As a result of an innovation that comes from our many years of experience in supplying various markets with photoluminescent signs and Low Location Lighting, we have combined two techniques in our SafeSign LED Escape signs; the main power source is electricity, but when the power is lost as a result of a calamity, the photoluminescent capabilities of the sign take over, providing the users with a very clear sign to the exit.

This technique, in which we have managed to let the (electrically) powered light increase the luminance of the photoluminescent sign, is unique in the market and makes this the emergency exit light of the future. Both the safety colors green for escape signs and the safety symbol are clearly visible for more than 3 hours. The version with photoluminescent capabilities is available at an additional cost.

Maritime SafeSign Led Escape Sign Photoluminescent capacity by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Available safety sign layouts and types

All desired layouts can be delivered. Below you find some proposals according the IMO regulations and the ISO standard 24409-2.

Maritime SafeSign Led Escape Sign designs by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Any other layout is available upon request.

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