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COVID-19 Social distancing signage for ferries and cruise ships

Posted by Nicky Smol on July 6, 2020 in Other news

Social Distancing signage COVID-19 by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

According to the guidelines by the EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS for restarting cruise/ferry operations after lifting restrictive measures in response to COVID-19, signage such as floor markings could be considered at all traveller congestions points, such as ticket offices, passenger services, bars, restaurant, shops etc.

T-ISS can provide you with all types of social distancing signage. To get an idea of how to apply such signage in the different areas on your ship(s), please read our COVID-19 signage presentation here:

COVID-19 & Social distancing signage offering by T-ISS


Guidelines for resuming service on ferries and cruise ships

The European Union has released guidelines for what ferries and cruise lines need to do to resume service. Some of these guidelines are requiring signage in order to communicate the applicable regulations to the passengers. Examples are social distancing, sanitation stations, the maximum number of passengers in a particular room or area.

You can read the full statement of the EU’s Healthy Gateways here: Healthy Gateway Report.


Our offering: COVID-19 and social distancing signage for ferries and cruise ships

In order for the ships to comply with the current social distancing guidelines, we have a range of COVID-19 signage available to improve safety on board. In this document we give you an impression of the possibilities to inform your passengers about the applicable regulations at the different locations in your ship.


COVID-19 Signage for every part of the ship

The signs and tapes in our product range are ideal for use in your general areas, tax-free shops, kiosks, cafes, bar and buffet areas. A combination of roll up banners, signage, floor markings are the perfect combination to inform passengers about the applicable social distancing rules on your ship. Our products are manufactured from durable materials, are mostly self-adhesive, which makes it easy to install.

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SAMPLES Social Distancing signage COVID-19 by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

SAMPLES Social Distancing signage COVID-19 by T-ISS Safety Suppliers