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Electrical Escape Signs

Electrical escape signs on ships and vessels are illuminating signs used to indicate emergency escape routes, emergency exits, and assembly points. These signs are equipped with internal lighting sources, such as LEDs. They ensure visibility, even in low-light or dark conditions at sea.

In maritime emergencies like fires or power outages, electrical escape signs play a crucial role. They bring crew members and passengers to safety. The signs guide them to the nearest and safest exit routes on the ship. Compliance with safety regulations ensures that these signs are integrated into the ship’s emergency evacuation plans, enhancing the overall safety of everyone onboard.

At T-ISS, we offer a selected range of these Electrical Escape Signs. We designed our ‘Dutch Design’ premium quality range of LED Escape signs to clearly identify escape routes. These signs have a timeless design that fits in with contemporary naval architecture. Our range of LED Escape signs allows for easy installation. They provide a reliable and stylish solution for use onboard cruise ships, ferries, offshore installations, and commercial ships. But we also offer a simpler design for cargo ships or other non-passenger ships.

All our signs comply with EU standards and have Wheelmark approval. Of course, they also comply with international safety standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for Safety Life at Sea.

To complement our LED escape signs, we also offer non-electrical escape signs from SafeSign and Low Location Lighting for ships and vessels. When electricity on board fails, these crucial products will take over with their high visibility.

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