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Testing the FireIsolator concept in real life!

Posted by Nicky Smol on December 3, 2021 in Product information

Testing FireIsolator concept in real life

FIRE ISOLATOR is a concept for isolating and fighting EV car fires based on best practices and live testing. In general, there is not one single solution to extinguish or control EV car fires, as all people who have dealt with these types of car fires will be able to confirm. Effectively isolating and fighting EV car fires takes several different methods because of the lithium-ion batteries on board EV cars. The EV car will eventually need to end up submerged in water in a container, but with the FIRE ISOLATOR concept, there is a lot that can be done beforehand to minimize the damages. Fighting EV car fires with the Fire Isolator concept has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective. This makes it a ‘must have’ for any building owner, facility manager, ferry owner, car park manager, or owner’s association.

Does it work against EV car fires? Yes, it does and you can see the test results below.

Seeing the FIRE ISOLATOR concept for fighting (EV) car fires in action and seeing how it minimizes the collateral damage of EV car fires on ferries, in buildings or in car parks, was the goal of the live testing day on November 18, 2021. The professional facilities of the Nordjylland Fire & Safety Training Center outside of Frederikshavn, Denmark, provided the scene and firefighting professionals for the live tests that we have all been waiting for.

The overall conclusion is that the Fire Isolator concept works. Another conclusion is that an EV car fire on board a ferry or in a carpark is a huge problem! When trying to control an EV car fire, one should not rely on just one tactic, but on the coordinated use of all components of the Fire Isolator concept. Especially the VR0906Li Fire Blanket, part of the concept, is the tool for any car park manager, facility manager, or building owner to have available in case of EV car fires. Quicky deployment of this blanket will minimize the collateral damage of EV car fires dramatically and can be deployed after a very short training.

Read more about it on the Fire Isolator website.

A big thank you to the Frederikshavn Fire & Safety Training Center and to the professionals from the Fire Isolator partners: GARANT PROTECH, Studsgaard A/S, Bullard Europe, and T-ISS.

For more information about the Fire Isolator concept, for quotes and to be kept updated on new live testing dates for industries, the training program, contact us via sales@t-iss.com or call +31 (0) 315 65 60 60. You can also visit the brand new Fire Isolator website. On this website you can also see our list of dealers in your area.