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Pipe marking tape – all you need to know

Posted by Nicky Smol on December 18, 2023 in Other news

pipe marking tape

What is pipe marking tape?

Pipe marking tape is a special adhesive tape used to label and mark pipes in various industries. The purpose of the tape is to visually communicate information about the contents, flow direction, and potential hazards associated with pipes.


What information can be found on pipe marking?

The information on Pipe marking tape may include text, symbols, or other visual indicators to provide information about the contents, pressure, or other important details related to the pipes. For example, if a pipe contains drinking water that flows to the right, the pipe marking would typically feature a green color to signify that it carries potable or safe-to-drink water. Additionally, an arrow pointing to the right would indicate the direction of flow. The markings might also include text such as “Potable Water” or “Drinking Water” to provide clear information about the content of the pipe.

Why you should use pipe marking tape

Clear and standardized markings improve operational efficiency by enabling personnel to quickly trace and identify pipes, facilitating maintenance, repairs, and routine inspections. This reduces the risk of accidents, spills, or mishandling of hazardous materials. Pipe marking is also very important because it helps emergency responders quickly identify and understand the pipes and their contents in case there is an actual emergency.

pipe marking tape

How do you label a pipe?

Any pipe that contains a substance should be labeled and identified. Pipe marking tape is usually made of a special adhesive, making it easy to wrap around any kind of piping system. Labeling a pipe involves identifying its contents and choosing suitable tape for that specific content. Choosing the right kind of pipe marking tape is important for sustainability and durability. Once you have found the right markers, it is important to clean the pipe surface and apply the tape evenly. Securely attach the tape and make sure to regularly inspect it for visibility and accuracy.

Need some help with finding the right kind of pipe marking tape for your piping system? We are happy to assist you. 


What is the European standard for pipe marking?

The European standard for pipe marking is defined by ISO 14726. This standard provides guidelines for identifying pipelines used in various industries across Europe. ISO 14726 outlines color codes and labeling practices to inform you of the contents of pipes, aiding in safety, maintenance, and overall operational efficiency. This standard helps ensure consistency and clarity in identifying pipe contents and related hazards throughout European industries. 

T-ISS supplies various types of special pipe markers that can fulfill all customer demands on FPSOs, Ferries, Cruiseliners, Tankers, and other types of ships. Most importantly, we produce all of our pipe marking tape using colors according to the ISO 14726 regulations. However, we can also make custom-made pipe markings if desired.

Pipe marking tape compared

When comparing different brands of pipe marking tape, it’s essential to check if the tape meets industry standards like ISO 14726. In advance, pipe marking tape has to be able to endure different kinds of environments. To make sure you have a quality pipe marking tape, the tape needs to have:

  • strong adhesive,
  • clear markings,
  • easy application,
  • diverse size and color options,
  • long-lasting visibility,
pipe marking tape

All of this ensures the chosen pipe marking tape aligns with safety, durability, and compliance needs in the intended setting. Of course, there are still different kinds of pipe marking in different price ranges available that meet all these properties. Have a look here!


Pipe marking – what NOT to do

When dealing with pipe marking tape, there are a few things to avoid:

  • Skipping Standards: Don’t disregard industry standards. Always follow established color codes and labeling practices to ensure accurate identification of pipe contents.
  • Poor Surface Preparation: Avoid applying tape on dirty or greasy surfaces. Clean the pipe thoroughly for proper adhesion.
  • Inconsistent Application: Don’t apply tape unevenly or with bubbles. A consistent, smooth application is crucial for visibility and longevity.
  • Ignoring Environmental Factors: Don’t overlook the environment the tape will be exposed to. Choose tape that withstands specific conditions like temperature, chemicals, or UV exposure.
  • Neglecting Maintenance: Avoid forgetting to regularly inspect tape markings. Replace or update them when they fade, tear, or become illegible to maintain clarity and safety.


Pipe Markers by T-ISS

At T-ISS we produce, design, and install the best Pipe Marking products available in the market. Our standard maritime program has 3 quality levels and can be fully customized to your location or needs. We offer Single color markings and Vinyl unlaminated markings in a basic line and an Economy line.

We also produce high-quality PolesPro pipe marking. This pipe marker has a better temperature resistance and therefore a longer service life. PolyesPro offers re-usable pipe markers too: pre-coiled pipe markers that are removable.

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