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The new T-ISS catalog 2023-2024 is out!

Posted by Nicky Smol on September 6, 2022 in Other news

T-ISS catalog 2023-2024

T-ISS Catalog 2023-2024 – We are delighted to launch the new T-ISS IMO catalog. Where our previous edition had a somewhat shorter lead time, this edition is again fully up-to-date for the next two years. As we leave the pandemic and subsequent crisis behind us, we also realize that the various maritime and offshore sectors have had difficult years. However, we now look to the future with energy and expectation and see great developments in several areas.


The Fire Isolator Concept

The most striking new addition in the catalog is our solution for a phenomenon that is unfortunately increasing and can cause a lot of damage: Ev car fires on board ferries and car carriers. Our Fire Isolator concept provides a quick solution to prevent additional damage and gain time until the EV car can be safely submerged. With a complete concept, including training, we offer ferry operators, car carriers, distributors/dealers, and safety suppliers a proven effective concept.

T-ISS catalog 2023-2024


What’s new in the T-ISS catalog 2023-2024?

– The Fire Isolator concept for fighting EV car fires on board ferries and car carriers.
– Our newly launched line of LED escape signs.
– IMO safety sign system products
– Electrical Low Location Lighting
– Maritime interior decoration products and services
– A complete range of high-quality signage that ensures a low total cost of ownership.


T-ISS catalog 2023-2024


Need a printed catalog?

Most of our products are in stock and shipped the same day you order them. You can find a digital version of our new catalog on our website. If you are interested in a printed version, you can request it in the contact form on our website or by sending us an email.

Contact info: sales@t-iss.com or call+31 (0) 315 656060.