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Interior Signage for ships and vessels

Posted by Nicky Smol on August 16, 2022 in Other news

interior signage

You may know T-ISS as your safety supplier for SOLAS safety products, maritime safety tapes, and many more. But did you know our colleagues at Blomsma SignCompany are specialized in interior signage? In the last 40 years, we have had the pleasure to renovate many interiors of ships and vessels, making them look their best!


The best self-adhesive films

Interior Signage on ships – Designing the perfect ship interior can be a balancing act between creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that feels like home and also imbuing an element of surprise that makes your guests feel special. That’s where we come in. With our decorative signing, your ship’s interior will no longer be the same.

When it comes to the interior of ships and vessels, whether it’s for cruise ships or cargo vessels, we often work with high-quality vinyl/foil. These foils can be installed on walls, floors, and even furniture without taking up any space in the rooms or corridors. Vinyl is also easy to clean and has a broad range of applications. That is why the possibilities for ships and vessels with foils are endless!


interior signage


Luxury interior design for cruise ships

When your ship carries passengers, like cruise ships, you might want to give your passengers something they can remember. Decorative signage is the way to do so. Whereas previously vinyl was mainly used for flat and smooth surfaces such as plates, panels, and glass parts, films are now also becoming increasingly suitable for use on more difficult substrates. Think about weathered coated aluminum or plastic window frames or façade panels. Also, the options for foils have become more and more luxurious.

DI-NOC™ vinyl surface finishes (which are IMO certified) include a wide range of innovative patterns and colors that provide many opportunities to decorate or refresh spaces while blending in with the existing decor. Spa-like bathrooms with extensive use of glass doors and partitions often add that special element to a guestroom, with the use of the right glass surface finish like FASARA™, these spaces can be used as the focal point of the room decor.

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Total Projects

Interested in interior signage on ships and vessels? T-ISS works closely with their colleagues of Blomsma SignCompany, making it possible to combine services and give your ship the safety it needs and the looks it deserves! Functional signage like wayfinding or cabin signage becomes part of your decorative signage by giving it a luxurious look that fits the rest of your interior. For all possible options, please feel free to contact us.