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The best quality Safety Signage by SafeSign

Posted by Nicky Smol on July 12, 2022 in Other news

The best quality safety signage

Under the brand name SafeSign we offer environmentally friendly, back-printed photoluminescent maritime safety signs, made of PETX. Our SafeSign products guarantee safety and clarity in potentially dangerous situations. We offer a wide range of standardized and tailor-made products to fulfill customers’ specific demands and needs.


Safe and more sustainable

SafeSign products are made of PETX, an innovative and environmentally friendly material. PETX is a 100% recyclable base material and is also UV-resistant, making sure the colors of your signs won’t fade.

SafeSign production is set up in such a way, we can produce bulk orders of up to 2000 signs per hour. We can also print one-off individual signs for your specific needs, on PETX, aluminum, PVC, or vinyl. This is according to your layout or based upon an ISO-standardized design from our extensive database of drawings.

The best quality safety signage









Custom-made signage for your company

We also offer the possibility to manufacture your specific, custom signage products. We are able to manufacture your custom signage at a very competitive point. This is thanks to our extensive printing equipment and experience in custom print assignments.

Among other things, we offer the following custom signage possibilities:

1.    Private label signage
2.   Custom safety signage
3.   Custom aluminum signage
4.   Company details on signage


Want to know more about our range of Safety Signs? Feel free to contact us.