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Water Mist Lance – NEW at T-ISS

Posted by Nicky Smol on January 11, 2022 in Other news

Water Mist Lance

Water Mist Lance

Water Mist Lanch

We are proud to introduce our newest Fire Isolator product to you: the ‘Water Mist Lance‘. You can use this device to put out fires from within. How? The Lance is capable of penetrating a container wall. When connected to the fire main it will produce a water mist inside the container. A safe way for your crew to fight fires onboard a ship.

The Lance meets all the requirements in SOLAS regulations (II-2/10.7.3).

You can use our Water Mist Lance for:

– Extinguishing fires inside confined spaces (such as a container fire).
– Flooding lithium (EV car) battery fires.

It is mandatory for all ships and ferries built after 2015 to have such a piece of equipment. You can find more details about this requirement in SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 10.7.3.


Contents of the Water Mist Lance

The Fire Isolator Lance comes with a tube with a nozzle. This nozzle is capable of penetrating a container wall. The lance then produces a water mist inside the container when connected to the fire main. You will also receive an extension tube. You can easily carry, mount, and operate the device on your own. In addition, tests show a fast firefighting response time.












Extinguishing Lithium batteries

The Fire Isolator Lance has a top insulation coating. This way you can use it for flooding EV car batteries to cool them down. Easily connect extension tubes with various couplings! Normally, you need huge amounts of water to cool the battery in case of fire. With the Fire Isolator Lance, the quantities are manageable even onboard ships. The lance can be inserted at an easily accessible point of the battery. The fire is then fought from inside out.


More information & product orders

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