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Pilot Ladder Hull Magnets: designed for a reason

Posted by sharona on April 8, 2021 in Product information

Pilot Ladder Hull Magnets: designed for a reason

Pilot Ladder hull magnets & lockers were designed for a reason. Modifications made to these pilot ladder magnets have resulted in incidents that could have been prevented if the magnets had not been modified.

Hull magnets are easy to operate devices and when positioned correctly, provide substantial holding force. The handle of the magnet is also a lever and enables easy release from the hull of the vessel. The intended proper use of the magnets is shown in the image below.


Incidents that could have been prevented

In the incidents where the magnets unexpectedly detached from the hull, only one securing magnet was used between the rails of the ladder along with equipment alterations that deviated from the intended design.

In the past and even today, several accidents have happened to pilots that were struck on the head by a hull magnet that was disconnected from the ship’s hull. In fact, additional incidents with injuries have occurred on vessels at several ports.

In each of those instances, the pilot ladder hull magnets were modified prior to the incident. Moreover, in all cases, after restoring the hull magnets to their original design no further problems were experienced.









Check boarding equipment regularly

As a manufacturer, it is only logical that we strongly advise to make no alterations to the intended use of the Pilot Ladder Hull Magnet. But also the US Coast Guard strongly recommends that vessel owners/operators stay away from modifying embarkation equipment such as Pilot Ladder Hull Magnets / Lockers. In addition, operators should regularly check existing vessel boarding equipment and return improper modifications back the original design. Pilots in their turn, are encouraged to consult with their appropriate associations to determine if any additional precautions should be taken as part of their normal boarding practices and this risk.


About the T-ISS Pilot Ladder Hull Magnet

The T-ISS Pilot Ladder Magnet is designed to create a safer environment for staff & harbour pilots by providing safely removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side. The Pilot Ladder Magnets are lightweight for easy handling, yet immensely strong, providing more than 500 KG of lift & pull ratings, and a combined rate of more than 1000 KG. It sticks to several layers of paint on the hull.

The Pilot Ladder Magnet is powder coated in bright orange for high visibility and is made to withstand the marine environment. It has no internal moving parts or entry points for sea water.

The Pilot Ladder Magnet is light weight, only 3 kg. The release handle will enable crew to remove the magnet from the hull easily and without excessive force. The T-ISS Pilot Ladder Magnet is designed and based upon IMO Resolution A.1045(27).