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Our Anti-Splashing Tapes; the various solutions we offer

Posted by Nicky Smol on May 16, 2019 in Product information

As many people will know, we are well-known for our Anti-Splashing tapes. In this article we would like to explain which Anti-Splashing products we offer, and based on several example situations show you which product you could use during that specific occasion.



SprayStop is one of our best known products, and for a reason; our product is the best, most certified anti-splashing tape on the market. This product is a high-tech laminated multilayer aluminum tape that is designed to prevent dangerous spray-outs in tubing systems. Like you can imagine, spray-outs in engine rooms for example, can be highly dangerous. According to the SOLAS regulations, appropriate protection needs to be installed on these tubing systems. Our Anti-Splashing tape meets these regulations which gives you a quick and safe solution that many people and organizations around the globe use and appreciate.

When to use it?

SprayStop is mainly used in order to comply with the SOLAS regulations according to FO, LO Hydraulic, and other types of fluid tubing systems. This obviously isn’t the only reason the product exists; you can also use it to protect tubing systems in factories, houses and other applications against hazardous spray-outs or leakages.



SprayControl tape is very similar to SprayStop tape but differs in several points. First of all, the product is mainly used to protect chemical installations against spray-outs. SprayControl is a product that allows you to upgrade your safety situation according to pipeline systems on chemical plants. The tape prevents damages towards people, machinery and other pipes present in the area. SprayControl can protect chemical tubing systems that have a temperature between -30 °C and 75 °C, and will handle pressure up to 35 bar.

When to use it?

SprayControl is an ideal product when you want to protect tubing systems in chemical installations against spray-outs. This product will protect tubing systems that have a content temperature that is stable between -30 °C and 75 °C. SprayControl is especially designed to protect tubing systems that contain chemicals. If you would like to know more about the chemicals SprayControl is resistant to, please contact our sales team using sales@t-iss.com.



In case of unforeseen or spontaneous leakages on board of a vessel happen, it’s clever to have a product that solves these problems in a quick, solving way. T-ISS PipeRepair is a compact package that contains all necessary items to repair said leakages in an instant. The kit contains a repair tape, a putty, a set of protective gloves, a piece of sandpaper and an instruction manual. The versatility of this product excels in the fact that it’s applicable under water, has a quick setting time, and only needs water to activate. In short; PipeRepair is a safe, compact and cost-effective solution for unforeseen leakages on-board.

When to use it?

PipeRepair is a great product for repairing spontaneous, unforeseen leakages on the fly. In other words; a great product to have in your toolbox or workshop. Also, it is a multi-purpose product. It is suitable for sealing leaks, the reinforcement of tubes and to guarantee electrical protection.



SprayStop tape

SprayControl tape

PipeRepair tape

Prevent potentially dangerous spray-outs and leakages according to SOLAS regulations
Prevent potentially dangerous spray-outs and leakages of a fluid that has a temperature between -30 °C and 75 °C
Prevent potentially dangerous spray-outs and leakages of a fluid that is chemical
Prevent potentially dangerous spray-outs and leakages of a fluid that is above 75 °C
Repairing leaks permanently