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Our Anti-Corrosion Tapes; the difference between CorStop and RustStop

Posted by Nicky Smol on May 9, 2019 in Product information

In this product comparison we compare two products that at first glance could be similar, but have totally different purposes. We compare these products and explain their unique purposes and characteristics. This time, we feature CorStop and RustStop tape.

CorStop and RustStop are products that, looking at their name, serve the same purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth, and therefore we would like to explain the differences and unique attributes of these products.

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Starting off with CorStop; this anti-corrosion product is a galvanized zinc tape that will protect surfaces against rust. The product works as follows; when two different types of metals, for example tubing systems, are attached to each other, it is very likely rust will arise between the two. By applying T-ISS CorStop tape, the tape will have a sacrificing role in the oxidation process. Instead of the two metals that are attached to each other, the CorStop tape will oxidize and so protect the two metals. The same principle is put into practice on vessels; anodes are placed on the ship’s hull. These anodes will rust instead of the hull which results in a hull that’s rust-free for a longer period of time. CorStop is available in the width sizes 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm, which all have a length of 20 meters.

When to use it?

First of all, you could use CorStop when fixing steel structures together. When you apply CorStop in these situations, you will prevent galvanic corrosion and your materials will last a lot longer. Also, the fluids or goods that are transported in, for example, tubing systems, will not be exposed to corrosion. This way, the corrosion will not affect the transported product. A sacrificing product like CorStop could also be used in other cases; for example as an anode on a ship’s hull.



Our other product in our range of anti-corrosion tapes is RustStop. This tape consists of three main items, the base being a specially designed bandage. During the production process this bandage is processed with two more items; a high-quality rust-resistant mixture between oil and grease. Combining all these items results in RustStop tape. Tubing systems or other structures that are sensitive to rust can simply be wrapped with RustStop tape. Due to the oil and grease mixture in the tape the oxidation process won’t have a chance to start, which means the tubing or structure in question will be protected. RustStop is available in two different width sizes, being 50 mm and 100 mm.

When to use it?

RustStop has a simple purpose; protecting structures against starting corrosion. This means there are a lot of possibilities with this product. You could, for example, use RustStop on the pillars of a pier. More examples are bases of tanks, marine pilings, tubing systems and many more.



CorStop tape

RustStop tape

Protecting the outside of surfaces against corrosion
Using the product as a sacrificing anode
Blocking the oxidation process
Preventing corrosion from occurring
Preserve steel structures whether above or under water