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The Water Mist Lance: Revolutionizing Fire Control for Electric Vehicle Safety

Posted by Nicky Smol on July 4, 2023 in Other news

The water mist lance

Electric vehicle (EV) technology has brought remarkable advancements in the automotive industry. However, with these advancements comes the need for specialized fire control solutions. That’s where the Water Mist Lance comes in. In this blog post, we will dive into the powerful features and benefits of The Water Mist Lance, exploring its role in controlling EV car fires and even tackling container fires onboard ships.


Controlling EV Car Fires with the Water Mist Lance

EV car fires present unique challenges that require specialized firefighting equipment. Electric car fires are not the same as normal car fires. This is why we created the Fire Isolator Concept. The Water Mist Lance is a part of this concept and is specifically designed to address these challenges. By utilizing its ability to penetrate and flood lithium batteries with a cooling mist, the lance effectively controls and suppresses EV car fires. It offers a safe and more efficient solution to reduce the risks associated with such incidents.

New best practices for the water mist lance in the Fire Isolator concept

it is slowly becoming a best practice to already spray the water mist over the blanket before the aerosol units are deployed. This is because the water mist closes off the blanket even more, which makes the effect of the aerosol units more optimal. After activation of the aerosol unit, an aerosol cloud is generated, which expands volumetrically, fills the space, and precipitates the flames. The effect of these aerosol units was optimal (as experienced during our tests) when activated in an enclosed space; by the fire blanket over the car.

We got this feedback from Korean and Taiwanese firefighters who performed live tests with the concept and we have now made this the general best practice for deployment of the lance. You can see how the water mist lance fits into the Fire Isolator concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H41cdjJJ-8E&t=4s


What is the Water Mist Lance made of?

Constructed from stainless steel with a PE-coated top shaft, it ensures durability and minimizes the risk of electric shock. When connected to a water supply, the lance generates a fine water mist, allowing for precise and effective firefighting. With its adjustable shaft length, ranging from 500mm to a maximum of 1350mm, the lance provides flexibility in various firefighting situations.


the water mist lance

Fighting container fires onboard ships

While the primary focus of the Water Mist Lance is on EV car fires, its applications extend beyond this domain. This versatile tool can also be utilized to combat container fires onboard ships. According to SOLAS regulations, ships built on or after January 1st, 2016, and designed to carry containers on or above the weather deck, must carry at least one water mist lance. The lance’s adaptability and effectiveness makes it a valuable addition to the firefighting arsenal across industries.


Successful Testing and Safety Certifications

The Lance has undergone rigorous testing to validate its capabilities. In a recent live test conducted by the T-ISS team in collaboration with professional firefighters, the lance exhibited exceptional performance and efficacy. Furthermore, it meets the requirements outlined in SOLAS regulations II-2/10.7.3 for extinguishing fires within confined spaces and holds the approval of ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).


Want to know more?

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, it is crucial to prioritize the development of specialized firefighting equipment. The Water Mist Lance, with its ability to effectively control EV car fires and combat container fires, offers a reliable solution for enhanced safety. To learn more about this innovative product or to inquire about acquiring the Water Mist Lance, please contact our dedicated team.

Embrace the power of advanced fire control technology and ensure the utmost safety in the face of EV car fires!
The Water Mist Lance is part of our Fire Isolator concept for fighting EV fires.